Inner Master Mind Technique

Here is an idea that can zoop up your
manifesting and make it unusually fun.

First ingredient:

Let's start with a quote from Napoleon

"Men (and women) take on the nature and the
habits and the power of thought of those
with whom they associate in a spirit of
sympathy and harmony."

Second ingredient:

Ponder historical figures:  People who
inspire you and thrill you at the mere
thought of them.

Ponder currently living figures, too.

They can be musicians, spiritual leaders,
move stars, etc.  Find people who inspire
you. The mere thought of them brings
out the best in you.

Gather a small list of these great figures
who live inside you as phenomenal forces
of inspiration and empowerment.

(I have had people like Rev. Martin Luther King,
Hilda Charlton, Ghandi, and many others in my
inner Master Mind group.)

Third ingredient:

Meet regularly in your imagination with
this group of beings who live within you.

This is your ancient Master Mind group.

* Ask them for advice

* Model their mastery and ability.

* "Take on the nature and the habits
and the power of thought" of these
great inner friends and watch your life

Alternate method #1:

Gather pictures of these same people and
look at them daily as if they are your
friends, your private Master Mind group.

Let the inspiring qualities that you see
in them flow into your thoughts words and deeds.

Open yourself to their influence so that you tune
yourself to their greatness.

Alternate method 2:

Make a Mind Movie with the pictures of these
people and watch it every day.

This can also be used very powerfully in
combination with the 3rd ingredient.

Here is the key:

* Make sure to use inspiring music and
choose quotes from these people along
with your affirmations in the Mind Movie.

* As you watch the Mind Movie, float your
awareness into connection with their
wisdom and strength that lives within you.

* Then have your Master Mind meeting where
you consult with these great advisors who
live right there inside of you.

I think you will find it is super fun and
surprisingly fruitful.

*** But please be warned.  Only do this if you
really want your life to get noticeably better.

Whether it's about your financial state,
your relationships or anything else, get
ready to step into huge transformation and
manifestation.  This technique, when combined
with Mind Movies, is very powerful and can
catapult you into a whole new phase of life.

Handle with care! (and fun!)

With Love,

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