Hilda and the Message in the Code


Thank you!

After reading the comments and emails I received on my last post,  I see that Hilda’s presence is still strong and her message still strikes a chord.

So, here is another story I thought you might enjoy.

I was a teenager when I first met Hilda in 1971.

Fast forward to 2006. I got an idea for a book while in meditation preparing for a workshop.  The idea was to create a book of Hilda stories collected from the people who were her students.

The only problem was that I was no longer in touch with any of those people.

So I decided to set up a webpage for people to come to and leave their stories.  In the process of setting up the page, I inserted a code to reduce spam.

I'm sure you've seen this many times. The code displays a sequence of funny looking letters that you have to type into a form to determine that you are a real person being added to the list. 

I hesitated to place this code on the page because, since the code words are randomly chosen, many of the words that typically show up for the visitor to type are negative, unwanted, and do not match the vibration I wanted for the website.  And since I am so sensitive to the vibration of words I tripped over this a bit.

In the end, I decided it was more important to have the code than not to, so I inserted it.

To my amazement, the first code word that came up was “tabla.” 

I blinked my eyes.  “Tabla?”

I had never seen a word like this come up as a code word before.  I checked my dictionary to see if “tabla” was also the name of something mundane like an airplane part or a decongestant spray. 


All it said was “A small hand drum from India.” 

Okay, Hilda.  I see.   You are behind this idea, aren’t you? 

I worked some more and got a couple of mundane code words popping up as I tested the page.  I went back into doubt.  “Oh that was just a coincidence.  Maybe I shouldn’t bother with this project.  After all, … blah blah blah ….(all my little-self excuses)."

The next code word that showed on my screen was “swami.”


I have never seen a word like that show up in the computer program before!  Ok Hilda!  I see!

The very next word was “anoint.”  I thought I’d better see what the dictionary definition of anoint was.  “To choose by or as if by divine intervention.”

Okay, Okay, I get it.  Move forward with the project.

Well, I set up the page and got distracted by other things for a few weeks.  It sat quietly without a visitor. 

Since no one was finding the page, I sat down to compose a letter asking people for their Hilda stories.  When I went to the page to check it, I had completely forgotten about this code word episode.  As the page opened, there was the code word.  Oh yeah!  Let's see what it is this time. “Intone.”  Hmmm  Just to be sure, I looked it up.  “To recite in a chanting voice.”

About a week later it came to my attention that the idea for this project occurred to me within days of what would have been Hilda's 100th Birthday.  

Well, I never did collect the stories for the book so, if you were a student of Hilda’s, feel free to leave your story as a comment on this post.  Who knows?  Maybe the book is still composing itself in the ethers.

And, if nothing else, this story of spirit-permeating-technology can certainly assure you that no matter how we evolve, and no matter what type of tools we may use, the message of spirit can still come through in ways that will knock your socks off.

With Love and Appreciation,



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The Spine of an Affirmation

YOFA meditation cd Let's say the words are the bones.  Distinct structural supports.  They give the affirmation its shape.  They hold it up.

And then, just like the spine, there is the Intelligence that flows through the words.  Your consciousness glides through the hollow space within the words and ignites their meaning.  You fulfill the words with your experience.

Today, I am inviting you to bring your words into alignment with your inner truth so that your affirmations take hold.  To affirm means to make firm.  The bones offer that solidity.  So do the words. 

Your careful choice of words leads to mastery.  It leads to alignment.

When you choose the words for your affirmations with precision (here, "precision" means they feel just right), your whole system clicks into alignment and you resonate with the words.    Their vibration hums in your aura.  You become so true to yourself that your talents and abilities jump a notch.  It is a brilliantly worthwhile pursuit.

Try This:
When you speak your affirmations (or when you listen to the
I Am Love recordings) experience the relationship between the words and the consciousness (your consciousness) that flows through them.  Bring this delicate relationship into your awareness.  Feel the fluctuation as you gently move into and out of alignment with the words. 

YOFA meditation baby Don't be concerned about the out-of-alignment moments.  Here we are focused on cultivating sensitivity to the alignment process.  We are simply honing our skills at noticing when our "word spine" is in or out of alignment.

As you spend more and more time nurturing your awareness of the relationship between the "word-spine" of your affirmations and the consciousness that flows through them, you nourish your spirit.  Pretty soon, you will have no question about the creative power of your words. 

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Affirmations and Penguins

penguin_1.jpg If you had been on the species creation committee in the sky, would you have created penguins?  Or would you have said, "Birds fly, they don't swim.  Therefore, no penguins allowed."

Of course you wouldn't say that!  But we do that all the time as we create our reality. 

We have a desire.  We see some reason why we think it is impossible or impractical and we tell ourselves the equivalent of, "No penguins allowed."

Here's what you can do about it.

The next time you find your spirit sinking because your desire seems impossible, create a "penguin affirmation" for yourself.   

Ask yourself:

What are the 2 things I want that seem to conflict with each other?  (They seem to cancel each other out.)

For example:

I want to be a bird and I want to fly through the water.


I want a high power job and I want to spend my days with my children.


I want to live in a sunny climate and I want to live near my family.

…You get the idea.

Now put them both in one affirmation and trust that if penguins can swim, some how or other, you can attract an unusual blend of the things you want in a way no one else has done before.

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Here's a YOFA affirmation for today:

Every word I read awakens wisdom.

Affirming your joy,


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