New Breakthrough in Appreciating Contrast?

yinyang.jpgAbraham has been teaching us how to appreciate contrast for a couple of decades now.

How are you doing with it? 

“Have you come to appreciate the contrast of your time and place?” That’s what I have heard Abraham (Abraham-Hicks: Masters of Law of Attraction) ask hundreds, maybe thousands of times.

I’d like to show you how one small tweak of your understanding can help you release tons of resistance and bring your manifestation abilities to an all time high.

It is a breakthrough in how to appreciate the contrast.

And what better time than now when we have the media offering so much contrast for us to appreciate!


Sign up here for the live event or the recording of the October 2008 YOFA Results Workshop These recordings come with a 30 day guarantee.

So I invite you to:

  • attend
  • download
  • listen
  • process
  • enjoy
  • take your time with this material

Then, if you don’t feel like you got way more in value than what you paid, just drop me an email and I will give you an instant refund – no questions asked.

I want you to have this perspective because it can literally change everything for you.

And with this guarantee, you have nothing to lose. . .

. . .and all of your "vibrational escrow" to gain.

With Love and Appreciation,
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