Today's YOFA jhe Session 9-26-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

This was a Y-axis focused session offered for the relief of suffering.

The Y-axis is where all the alignment sessions begin and it is where all the other alignments find their reference point.  For a full exploration of the Y-axis please refer to Rooted in the Infinite.

The Y-axis gives you uplift.  If you are suffering in any way, this lift eases your burden.

I received this email which says it perfectly:

Thank you for all you give. I had been feeling ‘down’ for about a week and I tried every energy balancing/yoga/affirmations/prayer… and it wouldn’t shift.

Yesterday, I had this great sense of well- being like a load had lifted. I tried to think of what I did differently that day to create the shift.

Then I decided to check my email and it was no surprise to see that you had sent an alignment. Thank you so much.

This feeling of well being and the sense that a “load had lifted” is the signature feeling of the Y-axis alignment.

If you have been feeling burdened, this session was for you.  If you have been floating along happy and free, this session might just take you to a new platform of manifestation.

This session was a true privilege for me and I thank you for being part of it.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
For Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
Manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  “Rooted in The

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Prosperity thought/prayer for today

I just received this email today.  I thought you might enjoy Liam's prayer.

bonusg1.gifHi Rebbie:

I enjoyed the recent seminar – listened to the recordings and have just about finished reading the Wattles book.  Amazing how that was written so long ago, but then these are eternal principles.  Yesterday I awoke thinking about the recordings, the book, and how it applied to me and wrote down these lines.

Anyone could do this, and I am sure many have.  I just wanted to share it with you, and anyone else who finds it useful.  I am looking forward to the July program.

Blessings, Liam

Here is my thought/prayer for today:

Thank you Lord for this glorious day you have made.
Thank you  for the chance to  make of it  what I will.
May my will and yours be in harmony for the highest good of All that is.
I thank you for all the blessings I have received and for those I am receiving, whether already manifested or in the process of being manifested.
All is as it should be in the eternal now, and all is as it will be if I am open to receive it. I thank you for the opportunity to participate in your creation, and to have the experiences I need to understand how to work in harmony with creation, at every  level. May I always be mindful of this prayer.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Liam.

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