Scientific Prayer

Emmet Fox begins the tiny and wonderful book, The Golden Key, by stating, "Scientific Prayer will enable you, sooner or later, to get yourself, or anyone else, out of any difficulty on the face of the earth."

That, my friends, is a powerful statement!

And the conviction behind that statement houses its power.  The knowing behind that statement gives the words the ability to transfer empowerment to you, to me, and to anyone reading them.

He goes on to offer the simplest technique for training your mind to move from worry, upset, or any other negative state, to one of peace, prayer, and demonstration.

The pivotal action all happens in your mind.  That's your role in the process.  As you train your mind to move in a new and deliberate way, your energy field changes.  Your point of attraction shifts from a problematic focus to one of Divine perfection.  This allows Law of Attraction to bring to you all that is in harmony with your heart's desire.

We can, at times, get upset or frustrated when we can't see our way out of a difficult situation.  But it helps to remind yourself that that is not your job. Your job is, in a sense, the opposite.  Instead of focusing on, grappling with, and trying to solve the problem, your job is to lift off of it.  This can be a harder job!  Shifting your mind is the key.

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