People are Signing Up to Lose Their Pain

It's round about midnight and I just sent out the emails to the participants of the new YOFA study on chronic, severe pain.  Thanks to all who shared your pain on the last post. We won't be talking about pain for long.  But for now, we are looking at what is not wanted so that we can get greater clarity about the joyful harmonious expressiveness that we seek. I hope you are ready to start letting go of all that pain you mentioned yesterday.

The Study is Ready to Roll

In this study, participants will receive one YOFA Energy Session (Yes!) per week for 4 weeks.  While some people might experience a complete healing, for most it might take longer and more sessions to completely erase the pain.  The experiment will certainly give us more information about howmuch this helps and how long it takes.

There's been a slight change in plans.  Instead of 3 groups there are 2.  If you applied to participate, you'll find out which group you are in very soon.  Check your email, sign in with the link in that email, and you'll get instructions and access to the first survey.