Natural Help for Low Back Pain

We are entering the second week of our four week YOFA Energy Sessions (Yes!) experiment.  The question we are asking is: Can we erase chronic, severe, joint pain with remote energy sessions?  So far, it looks like the answer to the "Yes!" study is going to be, "Yes!"

Here are the comments of the last 5 people who filled out the survey today.  These comments are in response to a question about whether or not the participants feel any improvement since the last session.  They are reporting their experience after the second session within one week.  Everyone started with long-standing, severe pain.

Asked to describe their improvement since session #2:

It takes a little time, but it works…

As I periodically check the surveys, I notice a few things.

  1. It Takes Days to Process the Treatment – It seems that right after the session, some people have a little improvement, but it does take some time for the clearing to create more substantial symptom relief. A day or two later people are reporting more noticeable pain relief.
  2. The Benefits are Cumulative.  Each session builds on the previous ones and the more sessions, the more noticeable the result.
  3. Almost Everyone Gets Happier with these Sessions.  These numbers fluctuate as the responses come in.  And regarding the emotional results, it seems that closer to the session, it will typically be at 100%.  As time goes by it drops a little.  I don't think it has ever gone below 85%.  The emotional benefit seems to show itself more quickly than the physical benefit:

This emotional sense of relief is a powerful indicator of the success of the energy clearing.  Inner conflict can wreak havoc on all aspects of mind, body, and emotions.  As these energetic stress points evaporate, there is a great sense of a burden being lifted.  Then, since those energy patterns were holding the pain in place, once they are gone, the pain has nothing left to keep it together.  At this point, which is different for everyone, the pain goes.

Since we are dismantling the energetic cause of the pain, we are actually producing a profound healing.  The disappearance of the pain is really only the tip of the iceberg.  And since the pain is the easiest thing to monitor, and the most wonderful thing to lose, it is our focus for this study.  Of course, we are only one quarter through the month.  Much more to come…


Law of Attraction and Erasing Chronic Pain


The process of erasing chronic, severe pain is simpler than you might think. Click the play button if you are interested in dissolving, erasing, and waving bye-bye to your pain.  The real question is, "What do you want to say, 'Yes!' to?"  Law of Attraction is on your side.  In this recording I talk about how to use Law of Attraction to find ease, freedom and joy in your low back, knees, and other joints.

We Are Erasing Pain


…and replacing it with joyful harmonious expressiveness.

Have you heard?

The new YOFA study is all about erasing pain.  Chronic pain.  Severe pain.  In order to bring the YOFA Energy Clearing sessions to peak effectiveness, I've decided to launch a study seeking a very tangible result: pain relief.  I'm talking about knee pain, low back pain, etc.  Nothing subtle or ambiguous about this!

And the best part is that this pain relief is not a masking of pain as is usually the case with pain relief products and services.  This method corrects the underlying energetic misalignments that cause the pain.  Once the magnetism that holds the  pain in place has been cleared, the problem is corrected and the pain is gone.

This unique YOFA method has achieved some very noteworthy results.  Now I am testing a new improvement in the technique to see how quickly and thoroughly we can make these corrections.

For those who have applied to participate in the YOFA Energy Clearing study for people with severe, chronic pain:

Watch for an email from me letting you know if your application has been accepted and which group you are in.

Follow the instructions in the email in order to secure your place in the study.

Group 1 – Participants receive individual remote sessions over the phone.

Group 2 – Participants receive individual remote sessions announced by email.

Group 3 – Participants receive group remote sessions announced by email.

Let's start clearing the energetic cause of your pain and see how well we can get that pain to evaporate.

Please leave a comment below.  Where do you have the most pain?