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Rooted in the InfiniteI recently received this email:

Hi Rebbie,
I'm really getting a lot out of this and can already feel the benefits of aligning my Y-axis.  I prefer doing this standing up though instead of sitting down.  I can really feel the energy move up my body (and spine) this way.  I'm curious why you don't mention standing up as an option?

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Yes!  By all means, feel free to do the YOFA inner alignment exercises while standing.  And thank you for pointing out that I have not made that clear.  Sometimes doing these meditations while standing, especially the Y-axis ones, will cause you to raise your arms up.  If you are inspired to do that, go right ahead.  It is the up-force moving you toward joy.

As you get more advanced, you can also do these while walking.  You may find a very interesting effect focusing on the Y-axis as you move along your Z.

If this post seems strange or cryptic to you, it is because you have not read Rooted in the Infinite.  That can be remedied here:

Thanks to all who write me emails that help me clarify your YOFA Training!

With Love,
PS – I think this email may have been referring to these recordings: .

Abraham-Hicks on Appreciation

I knew it might stir up a bit of controversy but it seemed worth it. 

It was my intention, in offering the post and video of Byron Katie on money, to bring something to light about the process of manifestation. 

Did it work? 

In response to Andrew's comment (and I think he speaks for many) I thought I'd explain this a bit further.

I want to show you different ways that you can instantly release your fears and anxieties about money. 

Then 2 things happen.  

  1. You get happier in your now.
  2. You open yourself to more satisfying manifestations.

I like to talk about these different desires as running along the different axes of our 3 dimensional world and body. (I explain this all in great detail in Rooted in the Infinite. )

Now, here is where it gets interesting.

Those 2 things that happen when you release resistance are happening along 2 different axes.

Let's look at it again:

  1. You get happier in your now. 
  •  This happens on the Y-axis.  It resides in your upright spine.  It aligns you with spirit and give you access to Infinite Consciousness.   
  1. You open yourself to more satisfying manifestations. 
  •  This happens on your Z-axis.  It resides in your forward facing awareness of time and journey.  It aligns you with the preferences of your unique incarnation and the choices you make as an individual creative being.

So, we can see Byron Katie's message as a Y-axis teaching or what we would traditionally call a spiritual teaching.  It does not depart from the now.

And we can see the Science of Deliberate Creation as more of a Z-axis teaching.  It focuses on the journey and reveals the process of manifestation.

And once Abraham strated calling this "The Art of Allowing," the focus came back toward the Y-axis.

And both axes live in your body and your world.

The Abraham-Hicks video above bridges the two.  Any true Z-axis teaching must be based in the Y-axis.  And Abraham is.

The harmony between the 3 axes and their native desires is at the heart of our YOFA Training.  The mystical meeting point of the three is the center point of consciousness. 

The art of aligning these 3 axes is:

I know this is a bit abstract.   I hope you find it useful.

The harmony between your Y-axis and Z-axis desires is revealed in the living of your life in every moment.

Your comments are welcome.

With Love and Appreciation,

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