Start Creating Your New Reality Today


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We've all heard that "You create your own reality," but what does that really mean? With this recording  you can start digging deeper into your own knowing on this subject.  Be sure to listen to the end to hear about my Extreme Thanksgiving Discount.  Here are links to resources mentioned in the audio:


Instantaneous Manifestation


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In this recording, I reveal the power of instantaneous manifestation.  Be sure to listen to the end to hear about my Extreme Thanksgiving Discount.  Here are the links mentioned in the audio:


Law of Attraction and Erasing Chronic Pain


The process of erasing chronic, severe pain is simpler than you might think. Click the play button if you are interested in dissolving, erasing, and waving bye-bye to your pain.  The real question is, "What do you want to say, 'Yes!' to?"  Law of Attraction is on your side.  In this recording I talk about how to use Law of Attraction to find ease, freedom and joy in your low back, knees, and other joints.

People are Signing Up to Lose Their Pain

It's round about midnight and I just sent out the emails to the participants of the new YOFA study on chronic, severe pain.  Thanks to all who shared your pain on the last post. We won't be talking about pain for long.  But for now, we are looking at what is not wanted so that we can get greater clarity about the joyful harmonious expressiveness that we seek. I hope you are ready to start letting go of all that pain you mentioned yesterday.

The Study is Ready to Roll

In this study, participants will receive one YOFA Energy Session (Yes!) per week for 4 weeks.  While some people might experience a complete healing, for most it might take longer and more sessions to completely erase the pain.  The experiment will certainly give us more information about howmuch this helps and how long it takes.

There's been a slight change in plans.  Instead of 3 groups there are 2.  If you applied to participate, you'll find out which group you are in very soon.  Check your email, sign in with the link in that email, and you'll get instructions and access to the first survey.



We Are Erasing Pain


…and replacing it with joyful harmonious expressiveness.

Have you heard?

The new YOFA study is all about erasing pain.  Chronic pain.  Severe pain.  In order to bring the YOFA Energy Clearing sessions to peak effectiveness, I've decided to launch a study seeking a very tangible result: pain relief.  I'm talking about knee pain, low back pain, etc.  Nothing subtle or ambiguous about this!

And the best part is that this pain relief is not a masking of pain as is usually the case with pain relief products and services.  This method corrects the underlying energetic misalignments that cause the pain.  Once the magnetism that holds the  pain in place has been cleared, the problem is corrected and the pain is gone.

This unique YOFA method has achieved some very noteworthy results.  Now I am testing a new improvement in the technique to see how quickly and thoroughly we can make these corrections.

For those who have applied to participate in the YOFA Energy Clearing study for people with severe, chronic pain:

Watch for an email from me letting you know if your application has been accepted and which group you are in.

Follow the instructions in the email in order to secure your place in the study.

Group 1 – Participants receive individual remote sessions over the phone.

Group 2 – Participants receive individual remote sessions announced by email.

Group 3 – Participants receive group remote sessions announced by email.

Let's start clearing the energetic cause of your pain and see how well we can get that pain to evaporate.

Please leave a comment below.  Where do you have the most pain?

Manifest Peace on Earth

What are you doing on 12/12/12?

YOFA Energy Clearing for Peace on Earth

December 12, 2012
8 pm Eastern
Find your time zone here

Get your free guest pass here

Manifesting Peace

The manifestation of peace on earth (like any other manifestation) begins with the matching vibration.

However, most of the time, when we attempt to cultivate the vibration of world peace, well, we don't really know where to begin.

So many of us decide we will visualize world peace.

Have you tried this?

As we try to visualize our entire world at peace, it can feel like a fairy tale and our logical minds quickly chime in to tell us how impossible it is.

This conflict in our vibration — wanting peace, but not believing it is possible — holds the energy of wars in place. But how do we believe something that we *want* to believe is possible, but we simply don't really believe?

(You may have experienced this same snag in your plans to manifest a wonderful relationship or financial prosperity, or anything else. When your desires and
your beliefs don't match up, it's a slow road to manifestation.)

There is a Way

In the YOFA energy clearing sessions we have been
bypassing the conscious mind, as well as the vibrational
habits that keep stubborn manifestations in place.

We have been doing this for the spiritual evolution of
our personal human journey.

On 12/12/12 we will be applying this same process
to our world for the sake of Peace on Earth.

I have often likened the energy clearing process
to peeling an onion.

Well, even though the onion of world peace can be daunting,
I have decided to start peeling it. Will you join me?

Dial In and Be a Presence for Peace

You are invited to join me and add your presence
and unique energy signature to a special clearing
session for Peace on Earth.

Dial in at 8pm Eastern on Wednesday, 12/12/12 and join
me and others as we unite our energy to clear the patterns
that hold wars in place and allow the flow of energy that
expresses as kindness, respect, and cooperation between
people, even though they may hold values and beliefs that
are different from each other.

Thank you for being a member of the YOFA Community.

With Love,

PS – Please invite your friends and family
members who want to believe that world peace is
a possibility.

And get your free guest pass to the YOFA Energy
Clearing Session for Peace on Earth here:

Behind the Curtain of the Healer – or – Unfashionable Healing

Bill Cunningham

I recently watched a documentary about Bill Cunningham, famed NY Times fashion photographer.   In fact, I recommend this film for many reasons, not the least of which is the pure New Yorkiness of it.  It's called Bill Cunningham New York.

But that's not what I'm here to write about.  I simply bring it up because one of the glaringly simple truths revealed in this movie sheds light on the relationship between the healer and the healing.  It can help us choose a healer, and it can help us succeed in our own healing.

I'll get right to the point.  I bring up Bill Cunningham here because celebrities seem to be tripping over themselves to be photographed by this fashion icon whose camera has delineated fashion for years.  And yet the charming and humble man behind the camera is typically clad in the blue smock worn by Parisian street sweepers.

I hang around some heavy duty healers.  I'm talking about people who perform what many would call miracles.  But someone recently asked me why one of these amazingly talented and devoted fellows is struggling so with his own physical challenges.  He was pointing out the irony.  But there is more than irony here.  There is a trap that can snag you and prevent you from benefiting from these folks.

The point is that if Bill Cunningham saw himself walking down the street, he probably would not stop his bicycle to snap a picture of the slightly hunched over, blue smocked, gentleman who turns no heads.  And yet, this modestly dressed artist knows exactly what to shoot and why.  His understanding of fashion and his ability to express it through his camera flows independent of (some might even say in spite of) his own wardrobe.  And this is much like the powerful healer whose understanding of the energy body and whose ability to promote healing in another transcends the challenges within his or her own body.

Does this seem weird to you?  Is it counterintuitive?

I invite you to suspend your judgments when selecting someone to help you heal.  Because whether it's irony or something deeper, more causal, some of the greatest healers are themselves dealing with some of the most unfashionable challenges.   Remember that these people are human.  They simply have a great talent.

I wish you wholeness.

Meditation: Bring Harmony to Your Now Through Your Past

Today is one of the most beautiful days here on Long Island.  I'm in the car with the my trusty laptop, breeze in my hair, dogs in the back seat, and the Long Island Expressway playing the star role of my Z-axis.

The Z-axis is the trail of your life through time and space.

When you align the Z-axis behind you, you bring the pains of your past into harmony. They begin to reveal their gift and you experience relief.

One of my favorite flavors of relief is when I let go of resistance that I didn't even know I had. A good feeling comes over me as a surprise.

That often happens when I've been carrying a pain for such a long time that it starts to feel normal to me. I no longer recognize it as resistance. Then, through one of the YOFA inner alignment processes (either a meditation or a jhe session — yes, I'm on the jhe list too!) that distortion corrects itself.  Then whooosh — the good feeling arrives.

Suddenly a puff of harmonious energy lifts me from behind and it's like being in a sailboat on a quiet day when suddenly the wind fills your sails and carries you for miles.

The alignment of the back end fo the Z-axis (the past) harmonizes the now and brings energy and joy to the evolution of what we would call the future.

Here is a meditative process you can do to align your Z-axis today.

  1. Close your eyes and sit upright.
  2. Imagine the footprints you have created behind you as you have walked through your life.
  3. Now imagine that trail of footsteps extending backward for your whole life, right up to this moment.
  4. See the footprints right behind you begin to glow with golden light.
  5. Let this light begin extending backward until every footstep of your entire life is glowing with beautiful golden light.
  6. Know that every step you have taken in this life has been perfect and in Divine Order.
  7. Enjoy the feeling of this loving, forgiving light as it bathes every past decision, action, thought, word, and breath of your past.
  8. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes and move forward.
Optional advanced step 9: Carry this image and feeling beyond this incarnation to all your past lives.
For a full description of the Z-axis and how to work with it to bring joy to your past, present, and future, please read Rooted in the Infinite. For best results, use the audio recordings of the meditations. For an ongoing process of inner alignment, become a member of the YOFA jhe Sessions and receive 8 inner alignment sessions per month.

Meditate on Freedom

I invite you to spend this week in a meditation process that vibrates freedom. Want to join me? (You can do this whenever you happen to find this page.)

If you're not sure how to begin, click here for a meditation process on freedom. (When you click you will find insights on the nature of freedom that came to me back in 2005.  I recommend reading that article slowly as a meditation.)

Here are some other ways to jump in:

  • Contemplate freedom.
  • Ponder its meaning to you.
  • Sit in formal meditation with freedom as your mantra or point of focus.
  • Or simply hold it in your day to day activities as a question.
    • "What is freedom?"
    • "How am I free right now?"
  • Sing freedom songs.
  • Consider your personal freedom.
  • Consider societal freedom.
  • Encourage other people's freedom.
  • Appreciate freedom and get Law of Attraction humming on the subject of your sweet freedom.
  • Exercise your freedom.
  • Feel the empowerment that is freedom.
  • Feel the joy that is freedom.

Every day this week, spend some time in the vibration of freedom.  Feel its energy signature.

Let me know how it's going for you by leaving comments below as you go.  Can you feel your resonance with inner freedom strengthening?

Inner Alignment and Sweet Manifestation


Click the play button above to listen to an expanded exploration on the relationship between inner alignment and manifesting the desires of your heart.  This recording is almost 18 minutes long, so get comfy.  Below is the session update that went out to members today.  The recording expands on this text.

Here is today's YOFA jhe Session Update:

I did a YOFA jhe Session for you today.

As a result of this session I expect you to find a sweetness in your manifestation. As conditions and relationships and events present themselves to you , you may find that they have been sprinkled with fairy dust – or so it seems.

The power of this session comes from the desires of your heart as they project forward and rain down as manifestation for you to walk into in your next set of nows.

Can you get that image?

It is a cycle of creation in which you create into the nonphysical medium (Abraham calls this the vortex) by the natural flow of your desire. This takes form and, to the degree that you are a vibrational match to the desire, it becomes your lived reality.

It occurs on your Z-axis and it is pulled toward you like one of those moving sidewalks. You have the sense that you are the one moving forward, but the manifestation is actually moving toward you. I describe this in greater detail in chapter 9 of Rooted in the Infinite.

In your relationships, you may find beauty in the faces that you see and a heightened feeling of love for your friends, family members, coworkers, and even strangers on the street. It is a heart resonance that lets you see others more clearly and with eyes of love. As you can imagine, this does good things for all relationships.

In your finances, this session helps you allow more abundance to flow to you. It tunes you to the allowing mode, the receiving mode, that state in which you can receive all that has been lining up for you.

In your body, this session gives you energy.

I am delighted to do this session for you. Thank you for giving me that honor.

With Love,