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We've been brain washed. We've watched commercials and read ads long enough to believe that attracting a relationship that makes your heart go pitter-patter is all about your appearance.  I'm not making this up.  Americans spend about $15 billion a year on beauty products.  So, if you want to find your soul mate, you might think it's all in the mascara.

Well, makeup is nice, but how good is a beautiful light bulb if it's not plugged in?  It is your light that makes you attractive. And in order for you to light up to your potential partner, you've got to spend some time plugging in to the source of your beauty-electricity.

Shine Your Light to Find Your Love

In this video, I offer a script to listen to regularly to get you "plugged in" to the juice and the joy of your new relationship (especially for my friends in the over 50 crowd!).  This excerpt comes from a teleseminar recording where I teach you how to change one thought to attract your soul mate.  One thought!

This segment is focused on scripting.  Scripting is an Abraham-Hicks process that you can use to bring yourself into alignment with your desire.  Then, let Law of Attraction match you up with what you are asking for.

So, if you are over 50, or over 60, and you are looking to find love again (or even for the first time) you can use the scripting process in this video to bring yourself into vibrational alignment with a new relationship that makes your heart soar.  This gets you glowing with beauty from within. (Of course you can add mascara as desired…)

Change One Thought to Attract Your Soul Mate

To find out how to change one thought to attract your soul mate, listen to the full seminar recordings.  There is no charge for this and you can listen to streaming audio or download the mp3s. Go to and scroll down to the picture of the woman and man.  Enter your name and email.  You will get free instant access to the full workshop.

Receiving Law of Attraction's Gifts

yofa-wind.jpgThe YOFA jhe Sessions do not fit neatly into the categories of "energy healing" or "remote healing."  Since my training and experience of decades has charged my hands and my consciousness for what the world likes to call healing, I use those words so that if you are looking for what I am doing, you can find me.  

But I prefer to call what I do YOFA jhe Sessions.  It just makes more sense. 

  • These sessions are based on the system I call YOFA® (I teach this in the book Rooted in the Infinite). 
  • They promote jhe (joyful harmonious expressiveness)
  • and they are provided via remote sessions

So, YOFA jhe Sessions. Good name, right?  Well, yeah if you like made-up words (which I obviously do).  But if you are looking for what is provided by the jhe sessions, how in the world will you find them if I'm using made up words?  Hmmm.  Guess it's all in the great big hands of Law of Attraction. (bye bye Google, hello loa)

Here is the email update that went out to the YOFA jhe Sessions members today.  If this is what you are looking for and Law of Attraction brought you here (and even if Google did) you can get on the list here.

I did a YOFA jhe Session for you today.

Have you ever felt the freshness of the air
after a big windstorm?

Today's session took any accumulation of
conflict, tension, frustration, and upset
that may have been hovering in your internal
environment and, like a storm, blew it right

As a result of this session I expect you to
feel the following:

1 – You feel more at peace with your current
condition and more accepting of your sweet
self (for better or for worse, in sickness
and in health, etc). This provides the
crucial step of releasing resistance and it
is the beginning of the manifestation of
everything you want.

It is also the beginning of feeling good
right here right now which is the only reason
you want those other things anyway.

2 – You start to see the solutions to your
so-called problems that have been right in
front of your nose all along.  When you
notice the words running though your head
like, "That's so obvious!" or "How did I not
see that before?"  you'll know that the wind
storm blew the fog and smog from your mind
and now you are seeing clearly.  Your heart
is back in command (ah, what a good

Where your health is concerned, today's
session helps you release tension so that the
life force can get where it needs to go for
you to express great jhe.

Where your relationships are concerned,
today's session allows you to see people with
new eyes.  I bet you didn't know they were
so beautiful.

Where your money is concerned, today's
session brings ideas to your mind that verge
on genius.  They are the answers to the most
intense questions you have been asking.
Follow them.

With love overflowing,

Prosperity: Dr. John Demartini on Owning Your Magnificence






CLICK HERE to Watch the Video

(Watch this one more than once!)






YOFA Blog  Dr. John Demartini

 Listen to my "John Demartini in a restaurant" story here:

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Here is the email I received for this video:

Here is a brand new Free video you are sure to enjoy.

It is from one of the teachers of "The Secret" and "The Masters of the Gathering."

In this revealing interview with Dr. John Demartini you will learn:

  • How to make a difference in your life

  • How to realize the mastery inside you

  • How to blow the socks off of every area of your life

  •  How to rise to another level in your life

  • And a whole lot more

CLICK HERE to Watch the VIdeo

P.S. While you are there, check out the other great interviews with John Assarf, Loral Langemeier, and Joe Vitale.

CLICK HERE to Watch the VIdeo

As you watch this video, consider taking notes.  There are many valuable messages packed into this 18 minute interview and Dr. Demartini talks fast!  Make sure you take away some practical instructions from this segment because they are there and they will impact your life in wonderful ways if you open to this message.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
for Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

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Prosperity: Masters of The Masters Gathering – How to Get Extra Bonuses



There are 3 parts to this blog post.
1 – The Video 
Watch the video above for a quick empowerment exercise and to find out more about the "Masters."  You can pause the video if the annotations go by too quickly.
2 – How to Get Extra Unadvertised Bonuses
Listen to this post here:
[mc src=""/] This is Rebbie from and I have a quick important update for you.  I know you're very busy so I'll make this super brief.  Please listen or read through this one to the end.

I've been forwarding along to you all these great videos and material from the Masters Gathering.

And I know that you are probably going to be inspired to join the Masters Gathering which opens today at noon Eastern Time.

Now here is the important part.

What I want you to know before you register is that I am offering a special bonus – maybe more than one bonus, to those who sign up through this special link

This is the only link that will give you my exclusive bonuses.

So what are these exclusive bonuses that you can only get by registering through the link ?

Well, since interacting with these masters inspires a strong desire for mastery in us, I am offering the full first hour recording of my teleseminar "Authenticity, Mastery and Compassion." 

This recoding is currently only available to members of the YOFA jhe Sessions Inner Circle.

If you're interested in experiencing mastery, this recording will give you: 

  • a whole new definition of what it means to have mastery in your life
  • and it gives you a pathway to get there.
That is one definite bonus you will receive but only if you use the link with the word "discount" before the "dot com."

Now, If there are enough people and if there is enough interest I will also offer another bonus.  I will hold a teleseminar where we will together explore the next step in your expression of your innate mastery.

So if these exclusive offerings interest you, please be sure, when you sign up to either click on a link in an email from me or go directly to

I look forward to hearing about your increasing sense of enbrightentment, empowerment, and mastery in the living of your unique and magnificent incarnation.

With Love,
PS – Please tell your friends.  *** The more people who sign up through my link, the more bonuses I will add.

3 – The Email
Here is the email I received that explains all this:

 Do you feel teased by the promise of "The Secret"
and The Law of Attraction?

Are you itching to know EXACTLY what you have
to do to produce specific results…

Do you find yourself on that merry-go-round of
hope and doubt…

Well, today is YOUR day!

Unless you've been hiding under the metaphorical
"rock", you no doubt have heard about the largest
collection of the world's transformation experts

See all the Masters involved, listen to their
personal messages, and click this link to join

Over two hundred thousand people have already watched
the TMG underground videos with "The Secret" stars John
Assarf, Loral Langemeier, & Joe Vitale.

If you haven't seen these yet, go here before they
remove them:

If you've been struggling to turn your life around,
and manifest what you REALLY want at lightning
speed, I urge you to be in front of your computer
today at 12pm Eastern.

They're going to blow the doors wide open and and
bare it all, including

* how to staunch the financial bleeding

* how to blast through blockages, challenges, and stress

* why you may be attracting EXACTLY the
things you don't want and what to do about it

So at exactly Noon EST, the first 5000 to be at their
computers will have the opportunity to join all of
our Masters in The Masters Gathering and be given
the golden keys to the castle.

When you get inside, you will dissolve your limitations,
so you can fly down the street and attain goals that
you never thought possible.

I know I'll be there.

P.S. If you are still waiting for your "Financial Bailout",
learn specifically what the wealthy are doing directly
from The Masters Gathering …

T.Harv Eker of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Bob Proctor of "You Were Born Rich"

John Assaraf of "The Answer"

Loral Langemeier of "The Millionaire Maker"

Bill Bartmann, Self Made Billionaire, 25th Wealthiest Person in America


Why so many Mind Movie emails?




I know I've been sending emails and posting A LOT about mind movies.  But if  you are one of the many who are jumping on this incredible offer, you understand why. 

I am having so much fun with this (and you can too) that I want you to know about it.  And this is the time to get the best price and all the amazing bonuses. 

[mc src=""/]

In fact, speaking of bonuses, I just started using the subliminal bonus and it is amazing.

Yes, I have my very own mind movie (that I created yesterday specifically for me)  running in the background right now as I am typing this post — and  I love it!

Mind Movies are fun, powerful, and enormously useful.  And of course, they get results.

If you are studying Law of Attraction, this is probably the most fun and effective tool you'll find. 

Did you miss my 15 minute call? You can listen in by clicking the play button above.

Go to http://MindMoviesDiscount.comto see the 12 new bonuses they just added.

Here is a comment from one of the webcast participants:

I have been watching, reading , singing to and living the MindMovies show. In only 2 weeks I've manifested Free tickets on a cruise line for 3 days 2 nights for 2 to Nassua. I've been given tickets to a live play, and a dance performance, checks have arrived unexpectedly in the mailbox, my daughter and I have had the most significant conversation of our lives.  . .


There is a very good chance that they may run out of kits before this launch is scheduled to end. (It's a physical product — CDs, DVDs, etc., and the response has been much bigger than expected). I hope you get yours while it is still available.

With Love and Appreciation,

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Pick One Thing: Change Everything
Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction – Episode #1


yofa-guitarcase-loa.jpgIn this episode of "Quick Tips for Manifesting Your Heart's Desire: Bite Sized Applications of Law of Attraction" Rebbie explains how to shift your vibration in the morning and maintain it throughout the day.  She shares how her vintage Gibson Guitar case helps her computer work to go smoothly.

episode 1

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Post your insights about this podcast as a comment below and you could win free admission to the next monthly Law of Attraction Results teleseminar and webcast.  Thanks for listening.