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I was just listening to an Abraham CD. Here are the words that jumped out at me:

(In response to a man asking about an unwanted body condition:)

“That’s the most important question ever, “How can I be living something that has my almost complete awareness, and create a different grid? [Meaning …and a attract something completely different?] And we acknowledge: It’s not an easy thing. But it is the work.” –Abraham-Hicks

Bull’s eye!  This is exactly what I have been working on.  I have been discovering…

How to take the most difficult things you are living — the ones that are so hard to shift — and to melt them like butter, to dissolve them, to erase them, and ultimately…to FREE YOU so you can live your joy.  And I want to share this with you.

My Invitation to YOU….

I am inviting you to find out how to erase the pain that “has your almost complete awareness” and start living the life you intended.  You are invited to the next YOFA webinar where we will start doing just that!  There is no charge for the webinar, but I want you to play a game with me. Will you?  I’m asking you to imagine that you paid a hundred dollars for this seminar. (Really you pay nothing!)  But I want you to set aside the time, give it your full attention, and make it your intention to get $100 worth of value from the presentation.

Of course it’s up to you. But it costs you nothing and you might get a big shift….

Choose the Best Time for You…

Ok, so what do you do now?

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  2. Mark your calendar and block out about one and half to two hours for this webinar.
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Erase Your Pain

This is about erasing joint pain, relationship conflicts, financial struggles. You name it. We can get started erasing it right on the webinar.

Go register now because space is limited. Ok?

Looking forward to reading your comments on this ground breaking webinar…

Love & Blessings,

PS – Pay attention in the early part of the webinar becauseI’ve included some old, never before seen, pictures of me in the webinar. You definitely don’t want to miss these! 😎

PPS – Pay attention to the very end because I’ll be making an offer that will make your jaw drop.