Thanksgiving Healing Gift

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Yes, I've renamed "health" and "healing." 

Kind of bold, I know.

If you've got the book Rooted in the Infinite you can jump to Chapter 16 for the full explanation. 

I've set in motion a new word: jhe.  It's short for "joyful harmonious expressiveness."  So if you hear me talking about "jhe," you'll know what it's all about.

As you might imagine, I like to look at jhe as a function of alignment – both physical and energetic alignment.  And when your jhe is flowing, others would say you are healing.

The Thanksgiving jhe Experiment (and Gift)

To help you bring yourself into alignment (and heal), I've decided to do an experiment.  If you'd like to get your jhe flowing by being part of this experiment, just click here to sign up.

Here's what I will do:

Everyday, for one week, I will do a YOFA group jhe session (healing session) for all the people on the list.  (Send as many friends here as you like)

The truth is, I have never done this before and I have no idea what will happen. 

Here are the rules (and yes they are a little strange.)

(1) Sign up here to get on the list.

Feel free to post any other comments here on the blog.

Well, anything but your problem. 

I mean it.

Don't tell me what's wrong with you!

It is my intention to see you in perfect alignment, and the less I know about your malady the better.  Anyone posting his or her problem will be removed from the list. (Sorry.)

(2) As the week goes by, let me know (by posting a comment to this blog) the improvement you feel in your situation – physical or emotional.  Your feedback is crucial to the experiment.

What do I expect?  Miracles. What is the best thing that will happen?  The intention of my offering will set a tone of alignment that your system can sync up to.  Then, you begin to "heal" yourself.  And as your jhe starts flowing, you start feeling better.  And as you start feeling better, you can post to this blog so that I have a sense of what is going on out there in your world.

Questions?  Just post them here as a comment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And thank you to all of you who are participating in this beautiful international YOFA community that is growing daily.

Love and Blessings,

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164 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Healing Gift

  1. 2nd posting but had to add that in Yoga classes this week I celebrate freedom from some niggling areas .. lumbar,left hip and left heel/arch which was a specific problem I had in mind when I signed on to experiment! Generally feel SOO much lighter and freer in body, mind and spirit!
    Jillian / Australia

  2. Dear Rebbie,
    Thank you SO much! I've passed through some testing times with peac e and contentment. What a feeling! Thank you again and may you always be blessed!

  3. It was an amazing week of living honorably from the heart. I have dumped old patterns of nurturance that have kept me serious and contained. I feel aided by many wonderful beings and you are indeed ONE of them.

    Continued blessings to you, powerful lady!

  4. The time of this experienment was very hectic for me. I selected a physical sensation to heal… and come to think of it, I haven't thought about it. The bigger thing that has happened, is I have taken Giangantic spiritual step over this period of time. My reality shifted, and is just now settling back down. I'm very grateful to have participated in this experiment – as I'm believing this participation has enabled me to take these steps from a centered place, allowing love to be my guide. Thank You.

  5. Rebbie:

    Thank you so very, very much for the healing gift! Although I was late in signing up for the group healing, it did not come too late for me. At first, I did not feel anything, however, late Sunday evening and continuing through to the present, I felt and feel a sense of peace, calm and happiness. There is no better feeling than one of peace!

    Again, Rebbie, thank you for this most precious gift! I wish you many blessings!

    All my best,


  6. Thank you, Rebbie, for your love offerings to all of us. I feel so good about everything in my life, which is a complete turn-around from just a week ago. Not only that, I am busy with all my projects and actually accomplishing, doing, and being in a way I've always dreamed of, and finally experiencing with overall success. I've been working with the exercises in your book, and notice a great desire for ongoing, continuous physical alignment in every activity. It feels so good to sit up straight and be aware of all three axis. Great experiment. Thank you, Clyde

  7. Hi Rebbie,

    Thank you so much for the healing energy you sent to all of us !!
    Was telling myself that I'm too busy to post my comments – then when I felt that my silence may be taken as "I felt nothing" – I very much wanted to convey how much I've benefited and how different I feel this week !!

    I have been getting such wonderful insights this past week, and – wonder of wonders – I've been recording them too !! This means so much to me – used to feel stuck – it seems like I've found the way out – the fogginess of my mind is clearing up and fast !! I feel as if, on my Spiritual Path, I'm racing now and there is no stopping me, and of course there is no going back.

    Thank you so much, once again. Wish I could give you something in return, but definitely The Universe will rush in to give you Its blessings…

    Lots & Lots of Luv,
    – Sujatha

  8. I have been fealing happier this week than i have in a long while, like the clouds are starting to lift a little bit. Thank you for letting me participate in your jhe experiment, i have downloaded the first chapter of your book

  9. Dr Rebbie,
    Thank you for sharing your time, energy and so much love! I was reading your book during this experiment, and I must say that every yogi should read this. It's been such an eye-opener for me in so many levels! The visual components in the book have been so helpful with my inner alignment, and am feeling rooted in the now. Thank you and bless you!


  10. Hi Rebbie,
    Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this experiment. At first, I came down with a cold the day after I signed up (Friday)and felt really lousy! Then I read your email about adding last names, and I did, and felt a wave of peace, but still physically felt awful. Then on Tuesday I had a huge release and felt great in all areas! A very short-lived cold!
    I hope you do more of this! Thank you!!

  11. Namaste again, I remembered that I had an opening in my breathing last Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and have been enjoying deeper, longer breathing during Ujjayi pranayama. Tonight was my first yoga class since the experiment, and my savasana was extraordinary in that I felt electricity in my root, third eye, hands and feet. Thank you for jhe and for your book Rooted in the Infinite.

  12. Hi Rebbie
    I want to thank you so much for this incredible service to myself and other people.
    Since I signed up on the first day I have had much more energy and my mind seems more clearer and I seem to be better focused. I am convinced your experiment has helped me very much as I needed the energy you sent and am very appreciative for it. Thank You…..Erv.

  13. Aloha Rebbie,

    Just a note of thanks for your thanksgiving effort. I didn't want to mention the particulars during the process, but now is hopefully a good time. My Marshallese adopted brother (from my peace corps experience) was in the hospital with an infection in his ankle bones. The problem was exasserbated by the fact that he is diabetic and already blind.

    When he received some very strong antibiotics, he lost his hearing. After that he began to loose touch with all of us and began to go into dilussions. It was at that point I asked if I could enter his name into the experiment using my email. I did that and slowly he has improved.

    Last night I received a call from his wife telling me that he has finally come back to his normal self, and she even put him on the phone. For the first time in over a week and a half, he was able to hear me and realize that we all cared and were praying for his renewed health and well being.

    He told me about being aware of clouds all around and beautiful singing. Shortly after that experience, his hearing came back (so important for a blind person) and he gave thanks to the Lord and all the angles who came to him in his experience that helped him come back to us.

    I told his wife about the experiment, and she thanked me and you too Robbie, as I explained to her what you did for the thanksgiving experience.

    Our greatest gratitude to you and all those who participated int he group experiment. We are all very fortunate to know you and to have had the special help that your experiment gave to all of us.


  14. Aloha Robbie,
    Each day I feel a shift in EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. I have released 12 pounds since the beginning of this "Healing session" began, been offered, not one but, two jobs (completely out of the blue, as they say). And my general health has improved. Not to mention my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I feel a contentment with my life that I haven't felt in many years.

    My relationship with my daughter has been transformed, I can feel her love and respect in ways i never dreamed possible.

    My son is a prison inmate in California and i asked if I could include him in the experiment, he was thrilled to be part of any kind of healing experiment. I spoke with him on Saturday January 27th and he is doing well. He feels safer, more confident and strong. His health is improving and he feels a new sense of commitment to remaining clean and sober and reconnecting with his family. A residual of the healing is that his wife has agreed to a family visit, and there is healing in the marriage and with the children, too.

    Mahalo nui loa Robbie for all you are doing for me and my family. The peace, contentment, joy and grace are palatable in our home and relationships and we are so grateful. We can't wait wait for the next experiment.
    A hui ho,

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