The Benefit of Distance in Distance Healing

Your pains, physical and emotional, are like alarms.

They are there to tell you something. They may just be the loudest sirens in your inner guidance system and they get your attention every time.

In fact, they can get you to slow down, maybe even stop, and review your life. And as you reflect on what has become unworkable or out of balance, you may seek someone who is called a “healer.” You may even seek someone who does what is called distance healing or remote healing.

Who is the Healer?

Of course, the one called healer is not really a healer. That one, the healer, is really the one who simply clears the channel for the innate healing power within you to flow in and restore balance.

So, when you seek healing, it is the Divine Energy, Infinite Intelligence, Light and Love that is the healer. And since they flow through you as you, you are really the healer. The one we call the patient is the healer. The one we call the healer is the helper.

And since the one you enlist to help you, and to be the facilitator of your healing, is there to help restore your state of flow so that you can heal yourself, he or she will do best to see you in your state of Divine Perfection.

As the healer (helper) sees you as whole, happy, and healed, that image sets a tone with which you can then resonate.

The Benefit of Distance

Sometimes the healer is right there in the room with you. They may have their hands on or near you as they work. In the case of distance healing, the healer may be in another city. They may even be on a different continent and still be effective. In fact, at times that distance works to your advantage.

When the healer is not looking directly at the problem that you are experiencing, that healer is not impressed with the suffering. In this case, this is a benefit. It may seem strange to you because we are used to the opposite scenario. Usually you go to your doctor so that he or she can examine you and become familiar with your problem for the purpose of finding the solution.

Here, however, in the healing that results from inner alignment, we begin with a knowing of the solution so there is no need to diagnose the problem.

And since the treatment consist of the pure tone of wholeness, the less present the vibration of the apparent problem, the more effective the treatment.

There are many forms of distance or remote healing, and part of their effectiveness lies in the distance itself.

Since the arena of healing is independent of space and time, the distance does not diminish the healing. But since the arena of human perception is influenced by space and time, the distance can actually benefit the healing process. It can partially insulate the healer from the more dominant tone of the patient’s concern about the apparent problem. And that can augment the healer's ability to see the patient in the light of Divine Perfection.

There is no Distance

The healing that you seek brings you back to yourself. When there is no distance between you and you, you feel whole, healed, and happy. This can be seen as concentric circles of you-ness, all elaborating on your ability to express the uniqueness of your incarnation and all in alignment with your essence.

That is a very good feeling and you can tell clearly when you click into that alignment. It may seem amazing to you when it happens with the healer at a distance (maybe on the other side of the globe). I had a very dramatic experience of this type of healing with my teacher Hilda Charlton when I was a teenager. Once you experience the clarity and power of that influence it is unlikely that you will doubt it again. At that moment, you realize that there is no distance. At that moment, the healing has occurred.

11 thoughts on “The Benefit of Distance in Distance Healing

  1. Yes, it is my belief that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. We were all blessed with bodies, minds and souls that were designed for self-healing. All we have to do is let our Creator's Divine Light,Love, Power and Wisdom reside in us.

  2. Thanks, this was very timely – especially the part about distance lending clairity. I'm going to forward it on to members of my meditation/ healing group.

  3. When I was diagnosed … I was on prayer lists all over the continent. There were times in the course of my treatment when I had a strong sense of being held in a cocoon of healing energy. It was the strongest sense of being 'held in the prayers of the people' I have ever had… This sensation often came when there was no one in the house but me. It was truly an amazing experience of distance healing.

  4. To all, I love hearing your confirming experiences with distance healing. Thank you for sharing! (And by the way, to keep the vibration of this site "clean" and aligned with jhe, I edit out medical names of problems.)

    With Love

  5. I so resonated with your brillant words of truth! I desire to BE in alignment with "The LIght of Divine Perfection" and to be a "helper"! I intend to find my way to the place whereI will click into alignment where there is no distance between me and ME. I am ready, and so it is!!!

    THANKS REBBIE!!! (for being a catalyst )


  6. absolutely what I have been teaching for years, that the therapist is not the healer – hate that word healer, it is so dis-empowering for the recipient – they are responsible for their own healing – or their soul is. I can accord with the distance info also as I facilitate the flow of energy healing (Reiki) to many parts of the world – to friends and family mainly – and they know when they are channelling that wonderful energy – thank you for helping me to feel that I am not the only one who does not use the word "healer" as flippently as it the normal practice….

  7. Hi Rebbie

    I too like Debra had a lot of distant prayer support when I was going through [illness] – and it felt like I was basking in love.

    And I love the reminder that it's not doctors or medicine that fixes the body – it's the body that heals itself – all we've got to do is give it the right conditions – the right energy – to return to balance.

    Nice article Rebbie!

  8. Spot on Rebbie! The important part is to focus on your innate perfection and invite it to manifest. The illusions of imperfection can be commanded to cease their mirage like expression. Thanks for sharing your love light and Joy.

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