The Heart Rich With Love: Today's YOFA jhe Session

yofa-jhe-shrub.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for all of you who are on the jhe list today (including the free list).

Today's session focused on the richness of your experience and the love in your heart.

Have you seen a very large dense shrub with so many little leaves on it that it makes the shrub look almost like a solid object? But then when you get closer you can see that there are many leaves, all facing in different directions with sunlight and shadow creating a rich texture of life, all connected to one major root.

Well, today's session reminded me of that.  There are so many aspects of your magnificence and each one has its own integrity.  Some come forward into the light, some remain hidden, deep inside you.  They combine together to be what you think of as you.  Today's session cultivated the richness of all those brilliant facets of who you are.

As a result of today's session, I expect you to feel the richness of your life in the following ways:

  •  A shift in how you feel/think/experience yourself. This could be called a shift toward high self-esteem.  It feels like an authentic knowing of your inherent value as a human being.  It is neither humble nor boastful. It is not a comparison with others.  It is simply a direct perception of the richness of your being.
  • A heightened sensitivity to the beauty of the sounds around you. This can be birds tweeting or horns honking.  It comes forward in you as an awakening to the richness of this moment as sound. 
  •  An expanded capacity to love.  This can feel like a layering effect.  Like you can feel the different layers of love within you – maybe different forms of love that you've felt for different people or different variation of your experience of love at different ages in your life.  The way you might experience it is with a surprisingly open feeling as you look at someone you love.  Maybe even tears of joy.  This love, when it resonates through the layers of you, gives you access to deep feeling and it is a gift when it happens.

Regarding the body, this session supports the energy of the heart. 

Regarding relationships, this session supports forgiveness and compassion.

Regarding the material world, this session resonates with rich, colorful fabrics, weaves, velvets, silks, carpets, etc.  Who knows, maybe someone will give you a gift! (Or maybe you'll suddenly find a scarf you love – I'm always amazed at how these things work themselves into manifestation.) Or maybe you will simply feel your beauty, inside and out, and radiate like a royal garment in your blue jeans.

Thank you to all who participated in this jhe Session. I am honored to have your name on the jhe list.

If you found your way to this post and this is all new to you, you can find out more and receive remote inner alignment sessions like this one at

With Love,

10 thoughts on “The Heart Rich With Love: Today's YOFA jhe Session

  1. Hi Rebbie
    Thankyou s much for doing this for me & us as we are all connected. I have felt better today, now I know why & I did get 2 gifts today.



  2. It is a beautiful autumnal day here in Melbourne Australia & I have just returned from a walk. On this walk I was continually noticing the beautiful shades of autumn colours with the blue sky beyond and thinking how wonderful it is that I can take this time to not only walk but also to notice these things. As I came thru my gate I could hear a bird high in a tree but as I looked deep into the high branches of the Liquid Amber I was aware that the bird wasn't in 'our' tree but in one two properties away……and then I came in & read that you had done another jhe session today. The heart is feeling the joy that you so generously share and it seems I am more sensitively aware today as a result.
    Thank you lovely lady…

  3. Thank you for doing this for me. I must say since I have been connected my spirit has lifted and everything has improved. Please continue with your work for all of us. I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things that are happening every day.

  4. Thank you Rebbie.I had an excellent day today.I came home and checked my email and saw your correspondence.Then I knew why my day was so great.thank you for doing this even for people you don't know.It will return ten fold to you.God bless you and your family.

  5. Rebbie, Thank you for a beautiful session. I found myself very sensitive all day Monday,the 11th. Was aware of the music in my work room, the song the birds were singing, feelings of content in my heart, Love to you, Fran

  6. Thank you very much for the Session!
    Work was terrible yesterday, today i feel much better!
    Thank you, Felix.

  7. I commented to one of my children how clear my vision is today; it was if I could see all of the individual leaves on the trees at once as I drove her to work this morning.

    Also, in association with another group, I'm doing an all day meditation on unconditional love – so cool! So, thank you! I desire to be love-ly, love-ness, just love. I Am Love.

    And I eagerly accept all that wants to give itself to me, life's richness in its myriad forms. (I'm feeling bold in expressing myself today – a bit of power/me-ness.)

    I hug you with joy and deep healing, giving you uncontrollable giggles of glee.


  8. I didn't feel it on the same level as everyone else.
    Even though, I can tell when I've been worked on.
    Today, your healing is a blessing and I received a
    check that I've asked for since, December. With your
    healing and the check, combined, it would be worth


  9. Dear Rebbie,
    I thank you so much for praying for all of us. I feel truly blessed that some one prayed for me and I am being sent so much of blessing.
    So out of the blue I met some one who was willing to help me to fix my computer and I received two Pahsmina shawls for free.
    I thank you.

  10. Dear Rebbie
    This I could not resist as I love what you write because I can relate to every word you say, your words are a reflexion of where I've been, places you describe I've mostly experienced within your very precious messages, I simply adore the way you put them together, it is as if I've known you all my life, I just wont you to know I love you for what you portray to us all, I wish and pray that they reach many people whom are in need, and people whom cherish them as I do, so we all are able to learn from them or receive confirmation to help give us more confidence on our journey's to freedom.
    There were very few people whom I could share with, now the numbers are growing slowly as they become aware of the energies changing you might say, I'm pleased to say that I'm at peace with myself and life in general, it is a lovely place to be, which gives me much love in my heart and am so very grateful.
    With love and Blessings,

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