The I Am Love Recordings

Hi Affirmative Contemplation Listeners!

Thank you to all of you who write to me about how the recordings are helping you.  I deeply appreciate your feedback!

I've set up this section for you.  It's all about the I Am Love recordings on the website

No matter how you listen,

  • whether you have downloaded the recordings and burned them to disc
  • or you sit listening at your office computer with headphones
  • or you float around with the recordings on you iPod or mp3 player
  • or you bought the CD

…….this section is for you!

This is a place where you can share your experiences with these recordings.

Share what works best for you.  I'd like you to feel the sweetness of realizing that you are not alone as you engage in this process.  There is a quietly growing YOFA community of amazing people (who know they are Love) and I'd love for you all to become more aware of each other!

Feel free to post your experiences here.


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