The Only Thing

"If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing. You are not a vibrational match to your own desire."
— Abraham-Hicks

Doesn't the simplicity of that just knock your socks off?  It takes all our stories and complaints and explanations about why we are not where we want to be and pops them like a bubble.

It's like watching sand pour through a sieve.  We can watch all our reasons for why we think things are not working out for us flow out of our minds.  And when it's all over, only one thing is left: "You are not a vibrational match to your own desire."

So, how do  you become a vibrational match to that fit, slender body, or that robust bank account?  I mean, if all we need to do is become a vibrational match to what we want, you would think we would be sharpening our skills in that department.

Here is a really simple trick that I have found to be very effective.  Give thanks for the thing you want before it manifests.  I get much more elaborate on this idea on the Uncommon Gratitude recording (listen free here) but it's really that simple.  Give thanks for what is swirling into creation even though you can't see it yet.  Try it and let me know how it feels.  The trick is that in order to authentically give thanks for it, you must get the feeling of having it.  And when you do that you are a vibrational match to that fulfillment. So be sincere in this process and have fun.

7 thoughts on “The Only Thing

  1. I question this… I agree that we may not be an energetic match.. however maybe our soul knows that what the ego is asking for is not for our good. or not for our growth.. so many people working with the law of attraction leave out the communication with the wisdom and often unconscious aspects.. These have vibrational energies as well.. so from this perspective often people ask for things that are not in their best interests. .. It is not so much a contradiction of what you say.. only an observation over time. x

  2. there are so many conflicting aspects to all of this – and I do believe that as much as we want to manifest before realisation etc if we don't know what our sub conscious is telling the universe then we can never know why we do not receive. I try lots of manifestation theories, law of attraction etc but although some small things manifest regularly, the ones we really seem to want just do not come along, and this is not the fault of my conscious attempts. So I suppose be grateful for what we do manifest and keep trying – very trying!

  3. Agree with this whole heartedly. When it is something as simple as an ailment. Thank God for having cured you of the ailment. If it is something else, do not ask for a job you think you want. Ask and thank Him in advance for the job that He wants you to do. If you ask for a job, do not forget to mention that you want your employer and colleagues to be happy as well. It works.

  4. I find that focusing on feeling good works easier for me in finding appreciation for what I have and what I want. I can get more easily into the vibration of the thing I want by finding good feeling thoughts about it. I can feel the difference when I am attracting what I want vs what I don't want (and may currently have). I know that what I have and how I feel are completely up to me and what freedom that knowing brings.

  5. This totally works for me. I completely get it. I am going to start giving thanks for having a slender waist and strong abdominal muscles while doing my waist and abdominal exercises:) I will see how it goes. Thanks much!

  6. You've done it again. You've chosen the perfect analogy to explain the most difficult part of the A-H material for me: how do I line up my vibration with what I want when I feel like I'm stuck in what I don't want? Beautifully explained. Thank you so much, Rebbie.

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