The Slide is Fun!

Js0033 In my previous post I asked for your feelings about the fee structure for the YOFA jhe Sessions.

The overwhelming message is "Keep the sliding scale!" 

And so I will.

Between the blog comments and the many more messages that came to me via email with very similar sentiments, I hear you loud and clear.

Thank you for letting me know how you feel. 

It was looking like a unanimous response for a while. 

But then, there were a few emails that came in expressing some issues with the fee structure.  Since they came in as private emails, I responded to them privately.


After reading all the replies, here are a couple of thoughts I'd like to share about all of it.


==>> To those who expressed feeling "bad" or "cheap" (your words not mine) for selecting the lower payment options:


Those options are there for a reason. 

It is my choice to offer them, and if one of those feels right to you (for whatever reasons), I hope you will accept it with love.

Also, be aware that that is your guidance. 

And that is the "workshop" aspect of the various fees. 

It gives you the opportunity to find what level feels right to you.  I recommend you sort through the clutter of caring what you think other people would think about what you are choosing to pay. 

Wash away your concern about other people's judgments, and simply see what feels like ice-cream to you.

It really is a good exercise in finding the hum of your essence as it expresses through the specifics of this moment and matching it. 

Like tuning an instrument, when it rings true to the reference tone, it feels good.  When you select the number that matches your inner tone, you smile.

Now, please consider this.

If you can't pay much in money, and you would like to add more to the energy exchange, you can help me by telling more people about the jhe sessions and sending them to the website.

I appreciate your referrals, and your time, energy, and endorsement offer a valued reciprocation.


==>> To those who ring true to the full fee and are willing and able to pay it (or close to it), thank you for keeping the YOFA jhe Sessions going at full force. 

There are many more ongoing YOFA Training teleseminars, recordings, and other goodies lined up for you as thank you gifts for the powerful role you play in keeping the jhe sessions going.  You are helping everyone on the list by keeping the sessions in motion and by your model of abundance, generosity, and independence.  Thank you.


Thank you all for all your insight, input, and participation.  You enrich my life by letting me be a part of yours.

And so, the YOFA jhe Sessions sliding scale has emerged victorious from its minor moment of challenge.  YAY!

Love and Blessings,

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4 thoughts on “The Slide is Fun!

  1. Bless you Rebbie….I am glad you have come to a decision….indecision is energy sapping….May it be for the highest good of all concerned. Marie

  2. I give thanx every day for the wonderful people who have come3 into my life…and all the lessons associated with the connections.
    Thank you ..again.

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