The Solution to Every Problem


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4 thoughts on “The Solution to Every Problem

  1. Hi Rebbie, I love listening to your voice regardless of your message. The timbre of you voice just seems to place everything into balance. I am so happy to hear you have a golden Retriever dog…my favourite kind of dog…I have owned several in my time…great companions. Soemtimes their language makes more sense than does ours!
    Can I ask you an unrelated question? Can you explain to me the mirror theory in reference to some particular irritant in another person that makes you dislike this person intensely. It is said that this irritating charactersitic is just a reflection of that same energy in one's own makeup. Try as I do…I cannot see this in myself. Can you tell me where I have to look to both forgive myself and also this other person who so annoys me?
    Best wishes always Rona.x.

  2. Hi Rona,

    This is a big question. More than I can explore fully in this little response. But, in a nutshell, it sounds like you might be looking at this too specifically. Look for the essence of the feeling that is triggered in you by this person. Then peruse your life to see if anyone has ever expressed feeling that way in response to you. This is a good beginning. If you still cannot find it, pray for the well being of that person in a general way. This will benefit both of you and begin to build a bridge of understanding and forgiveness.

    It all comes back to reminding yourself that that person's behavior is theirs, and your response is yours.

    We can look further into this in a quick coaching call if you like.

    Love and Blessings,

  3. Hi Rebbie
    This talk fascinated me but…
    I grasp the idea of blocking energy from psychological or emotional turmoil but I don't know what you mean by " I have summoned energy". I'm thinking maybe that's not the important aspect of this but could you elaborate on it? It's such an interesting turn of phrase.

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