Today's Bonus YOFA jhe Session 7-11-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a bonus high intensity YOFA jhe Session for members of the Inner Circle today.

This session was a harmonization of your heart and your power for the manifestation of prosperity.

As a result of this session I expect money to flow to you with noticeably greater ease. This is one place where the phrase "Let go and let God" takes on special meaning.

You become more fluid as you realize that your greatest power is not in your ability to brace against hardship but in your willingness to let a greater power flow smoothly through you.

This results in a soft and graceful swirling of energy that becomes visible as your manifestation of things that please you.

You can augment the potential of this session by doing the Z-axis exercises in Rooted in the Infinite.

Thank you for being part of the Inner Circle.  Your high level of participation inspires me.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice for
Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
Manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of my new book "Rooted in
The Infinite."   Lots of f ree bonuses at:

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