Today's YOFA jhe Session 01-02-09

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today (including the free list).

This was an unusually intense session and I expect you to notice a few things as a result.

In a general way, you may feel the energy as a lightness:  Like you have springs on your shoes or wings on your heart.

This feeling of energy or lightness, if you happen to feel a hint of it, is a sign that you have resonated powerfully with the alignment.  If you don't feel it, that's fine too.

More specifically, today's session opens a pathway for you to live your life with a continual awakening of the love in your heart.

That translates into the nitty gritty of your life in some interesting ways.

For example:

The handling of money
– As you exchange currency with others, write checks, cash and deposit checks, pay for items that you buy, receive cash in your hand from others, all these exchanges of money transform when the heart is awakened in the process.  And so, a few things results from this:

  • Your relationship with the material world becomes beautified. 
  • You awaken to the richness of colors and textures and energy in inanimate things in a way that changes what money and material wealth mean to you. 
  • With a deep sense of appreciation for the material world and it's energetic depth, you become a magnet for more things that make your heart sing.

Personal Relationships – As you interact with others, having the love in your heart awake and ready to participate in your unconscious word selection and the movement of your physical gestures, your relationships transform – sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes in dramatic ways.

Today's session also had a harmonizing effect between the heart and the mind.  When those two centers are humming in a balanced and pleasing way, your life feels refreshing and you feel whole.

Of course these sessions are cumulative and the effect is ongoing, but this session was strong enough that I think you will find some specific results that ring true to what I'm talking about here.  You may have already felt it today or it may happen in the next day or two.

I consider it a great privilege to do this session for you and I thank you for you trust in me.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
for Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

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8 thoughts on “Today's YOFA jhe Session 01-02-09

  1. Thank you so much for the doing the YOFA jhe Session for me. I desire to manifest love in my life with the perfect-for-me mate. I appreciate all the help that I can get.

  2. Thank you for this session. Although it is still processing, the shift is occurring at a very deep core level, which I can only assume will affect many aspects of our lives.

  3. Hello Rebbie

    This is quite difficuilt to explain,(because the mind doesn't really know how to explain it lol),the heart only really knows.

    I have felt my heart opening,and the best way I can explain the feeling is,the heart helps to,'Hold',us in a way that only a loving child know's.

    The heart helps to,'Hold',every pain inside lovingly.



  4. Hello Rebbie,
    Thankyou for the Jhe Session which continues to manifest. Out walking this morning (before I had read your session) all I was aware of were the beautiful colours all around me, the flowers the trees, the sky, just so many and all different. The handling of money was so right as I was handling quite a lot of it today. I am also reading Shakti Gawains book on intuition as well so things are ever moving forward. Love and every good wish for prosperity, and good health for the new year to all. I appreciate you all.

  5. Dear Rebbie

    Reading about the session you you have shared speaks volumns to me as affirmations. Reflecting on what you have shared in this session I am encouraged that I am moving FORWARD and that I am making positive strides forward as I contimplate and meditate on where 2009 may lead me.

    My concious awareness is trying to move my head knowledge more into heart knowledge and being able to FEEL and SENSE the inner connections of life experiences with the direction I want to move each and everyday.

    My life's journey as an adult is to move from a survival mode of living each day to a mode of feeling worthy and valuable and having a heart to share that through all the horrific experiences I have jouneyed through. Ranging from My Father passing away when I was very young to abandonment by my Mother to years of abuse to neglect to false accusations to being gang raped that brought a Daughter into my life that I chose to give birth to and vowed to raise in the best most loving possible way that I could manage as I had no plans of having a child or becoming a parent. Yet completely understanding that God as my Mentor and Guidance had other plans and ideas for my life's journey.

    I daily strive to offer HOPE and inspiration to others who have have, or currently experiences similiar horric expereinces in their own lives. Yet deeply struggle and am challenged feeling at the heart level to feel that I am valuable and worthy and deserving to walk through life with a passion rather then with a mentality of surviving.

    Hope this makes some sense to who ever may be reading the comments. So as I share from a deep inner place of my being. I also reach out for love and support and encouragment that I am worthy of this willingness and openness I have for inner alignment with heart and spirit and soul with a passion to have an impact in others by being able to share my life's horric experiences with the inner desire to offer HOPE and Inspiration to those may also need to know life can be good and enjoyable even after tragic experinces.

    I am feeling more and more inner alignment, and I am feeling more and more in my heart and spirit then I eve have before. This has been a long journey for me and I am determined to stay on the healing path for as long as it takes.

    Thanks for allowing me to share. Be Blessed


  6. I noticed today that I chose the color green for everything to go out of town to wear. I've never
    been partial to green. It's my understanding from
    a chakra it means love and elusive money is coming my way. That's my feeling.

  7. Dear Rebbie, I just read your email today. Happy New year to you. I hope the benefits that occur from the work that you do, comes back tenfold into your life. I have experienced a mental lift as I was heavily depressed this Christmas. I have seen monetary changes also that I didn't expect and I am grateful. The Yin to my Yang has materialized in a setting I never expected and the only reason I know is because of opening up a little. I have also had more compassion for an extreme situation that has come my way. So thank you very much and I can't wait til there's more to tell. Take Care Always, R

  8. Rebbie – I'll have to attribute the feeling of well-being and energy to your session on the 2nd…my birthday is on the 3rd. Have been in an all-time low, and for that day and a few days following (it's now the 7th), I felt like I USED to feel – NORMAL. GOOD.

    Whatever – however – you're doing what you're doing, thank you. I truly believe that feeling of being centered and in my own skin came from help from outside.

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