Today's YOFA jhe Session 02-03-09

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list (including the free list) today.

As a result of today's session I expect you to feel a noticeable sense of inner peace, calm, and cheerfulness arising in you regardless of circumstances.

The focus of today's session was balance.  I expect you to feel this mostly in the form of emotional balance.  This was primarily an X-axis session (for more about the meaning of the 3 axes, please refer to Rooted in the Infinite).  I usually comment on the value of aligning the X-axis for physical healing, and today's session will certainly make its energetic contribution in that direction, but mostly today's session will make its presence known in your emotional life.

Well, let me say that in a different way.  The place where the feeling of the physical body and the feeling of the emotions touch, that is where you will most likely feel the effect of this session.

And it feels like you are being supported, lifted, cushioned, fueled, like you have wind in your sails, like you have more power in your engine than you would ever need and so you can relax, like you have such a real knowing of the infinite that you can thoroughly enjoy the finite.

  • In your body this can feel like a relaxing of muscles and a fluidity of movement.
  • In your relationships this can feel like independence and solid partnership.
  • And in your emotions this can feel like a knowing that all is well.  It quickly evolves into colorful appreciation of whatever is in front of you.  It is an awakening of a deepened awareness of the now in a balanced being (you).

Everyone will feel this in a different way, but you will know it is the effect of this session when you feel strikingly balanced in a situation that would usually push your buttons, stress you out, or down right tip you over.  When you see that you are not only still standing but you are maybe even still smiling, you know you have awakened a new level of alignment within yourself.

Thank you for giving me the privilege of doing this jhe session for you.

With Love and Appreciation,
To begin an inner alignment practice
For Spiritual awareness, healing, and joyful
Manifestation, work with the exercises In the
Practice Section of  "Rooted in The

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3 thoughts on “Today's YOFA jhe Session 02-03-09

  1. Thank you Rebbie…..
    I must admit I have had a vey busy and stressful time so far this New Year but found myself today feeling as though things in my immediate pathway were going very very well ! That I was actually achieving resolution and completion in many tricky areas of my life. More than I had expected. So thank you again. It wasn't until I opened my emails that I realized you had done a session for me !
    Many Blessings
    Marie Norris

  2. Hi Rebbie,
    I love having you there working on my well-being as I do myself daily on others through Reiki's long distance healing sessions. Right now I am not exactly in that state of balance of the x-axis meditation (yes I've read every inch of your marvelous book) because I just went through an advanced reiki practitioner's weekend that took me so far into irreversible and undigested change that I'm feeling awkwardly adolescent, as if I don't know what to do with my newly sprouted limbs even though I turn 65 next year. But reading your meditation, I say to myself, No, let me be there. Let's go there. Before day's up? In God's own time. But now sure would be nice.

    Oh, I don't really know what a URL is, so let's see if the message will transfer without it.

    Thank you,

    You are always a true support.

    Sending you long distance hugs,


  3. Hi Rebbie,
    Wow! thank you so much for the reading! Just the day before (Monday, 02/02) I was as people would say in a "funk" all day and I could not figure out why. When I woke up yesterday morning I felt so much better and calmer. During the day someone I used to date called to say he still thought I was the most precious person he knew and wanted to just begin enjoying life with me again not so much as in a relationship but as deep friends. Normally when he calls I usually am frustrated with him about somehting he might say, etc. Yesterday it was totally different. I myself could not figure out why! But it felt good because I did not want to start returning to negative feelings again, etc.

    Even my class (vocal) went much better than I had anticipated! I was not able to prepare for it the prior week due to an unfortunate event in my family.

    I am so new to this entire YOFA experience but I am starting to really settle in and open my mind to this new journey.

    Thank you Rebbie!

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