Today's YOFA jhe Session 2-27-2008

Xaxisabovebelowsm_2 I did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.
as regards prosperity.

For a full explanation of the Z-axis, please read chapters 7 and 17 in Rooted in the Infinite.

Since the back half of the Z-axis refers to your past, today's alignment had the effect of bringing your past interactions with money and material things into their best light for your now and for your next creations.

Wherever you stand right now on this subject is the result of how you have been evolving your vibration through your lived experiences.

Whether the past was "good" or "bad" as regards your material manifestation does not matter. All that matters is now and how you are holding your past in this moment.

Today's session had the effect of harmonizing your past with your now for the benefit of this moment and for the benefit of the creation you are now placing into your future (which will only come to be in a now)

As a result of this session there are a few things you may experience.

On a very concrete level, things that are owed to you may come to you now.

  • Money that may have gotten tangled up in the web of your past (old money owed to you, money caught in legal red tape, etc.) may come in the mail.
  • Things that were borrowed and never returned (books, jewelry, clothing, money, etc.) may find their way back to you in surprising ways.

On a more inner level, you may feel more at peace with your past, seeing past hurts in the best possible light.

  • Forgiveness comes more naturally
  • A feeling of gratitude for challenges of the past as they lead you to your current depth of experience.
  • A feeling of harvesting the blessings of the past and a flood of good feeling as the way you hold your past in your now feels beneficial and supportive.

This is a big part of what people mean when they say the word "healing." We are calling it "jhe."

To amplify the benefit of this session, please do the inner alignment exercises in Rooted in the Infinite, Practice Session 2, Z-Axis Meditation on the past.

Thank you for your participation in this YOFA jhe Session.

Appreciating Your Light,
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