Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-1-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for you today.

This session was an alignment for prosperity.

No matter what your life may look like right now, the
abundance of the universe wants to live and express though you. It wants to
come into form through the living of your life.

If you are a student of manifestation, you know that one of
the biggest obstacles to prosperity is right there in your own head.

You may call them belief systems or previous programming or
the tapes running in your mind.

The way they work is that they look at the most negative
manifestation and they mix it with logic and they come out with a very
compelling reason why you cannot live the prosperous life you desire.

Sound familiar?

Those very thought forms are basically building a wall
between you and the manifestations you desire. They make it seem impossible.

Very depressing right?

Sure, if you believe in your resistant thoughts, if you make
them your authority, you cannot help but be depressed.

That’s where today’s session comes in.

Today’s alignment for prosperity was really an alignment for
prosperous thinking – which is the first and necessary step before

As a result of today’s session I expect you to see these
peculiar changes beginning in you:

  • You are able to look at the unwanted aspects of your current situation and have a spontaneous smile because you know they are in the process of changing. You know that they are very easily changed by your change in alignment.

  • You are able to see, imagine, and feel your evolved prosperous self as if it were real.

  • You notice yourself feeling more patient because you feel so sure that it is coming.

These changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and vibration
should be quite noticeable as a result of this session.

To augment this session you can do the exercises in Rooted
in the Infinite
with a vision of yourself as if your desire were already

Also, for those who attended the Barefoot Prosperity call,
(and for those in the Inner Circle
who can listen to or re-listen to the recordings in the members' area) you can
bring the 3 principles of barefoot prosperity into your meditation.

I expect great things for you.

Love and Blessings,


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