Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-11-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a jhe session today for everyone on the list. (You can sign up here.)

Every time I sit down to write about the session I just did, I have a moment of challenge as I wonder how to express the uniqueness of that day's session to you.

Today is no exception. 

You see, even though I have written the basic idea of these inner alignment sessions into a system in the book "Rooted in the Infinite," that system continues to evolve every time I do a session.  (You can get the book at And each session reveals to me another nuance of your potential alignment. 

Today's session brought forward what I want to call your alignment "free from influence." 

Today, what got strengthened in you is a deep ancient part of you. 

It is something that exists in you even if you were alone in the desert or the jungle or in outer space or in some other time. 

It is a part of you that is timeless, faceless, and it lives in you even before you are born.

It is that ancient and pure place in you that came forward in today's alignment session.

I expect you will feel the influence of today's session most noticeably:

==>> in your ability to be true to yourself regardless of outside pressures.

==>> in a sense of inner silence.

==>> maybe even in a brief feeling of detachment as you recalibrate to this deep part of you that transcends this lifetime.

From the point of view of what we conventionally call "healing," and what I am calling "jhe," you may find a feeling of more space.  That can manifest as a reduction in swelling or as an opening and relaxing of structures that have be constricted.

If you are not yet on the jhe list, you can can sign up either for free or for a fee that you choose at 

Love and Blessings,

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