Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-19-2007

Worksh7 Today's YOFA jhe Session went out to the current list plus everyone on the free list.

Today's session was a good solid balancing and so, as always, you can expect a feeling of lightness, as if a burden has been lifted from you.

In addition, today's session focused on the Z-axis, which is all about the unfolding of the path before you.  (For an in depth explanation of the Z-axis and how to do this yourself, check out my book Rooted in the Infinite at )

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==>>  As a result of today's session you may very well feel a sense of the "seas parting" before you.  Things that have been obstacles melt away and your dance forward becomes joyful.

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==>>  In practical terms, this can mean that things you have been working towards or asking for, for a very very very long time, may now come together effortlessly. 

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==>>  There is also a financial abundance that may glide in on this stream.  The theme is ease and rapid flow in a stream that has been blocked.  It pertains particularly to long-term desires.

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One thought on “Today's YOFA jhe Session 4-19-2007

  1. Thank you for having me on your list for jhe-sessions. I have red your book now and am trying to do the chakra-practices. It is not so very easy for me yet; some days I can feel the healing.
    Also it is easy to join even if yu don't have much money.

    I have to read the book once again and do more practice some more.

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