Today's YOFA jhe Session 5-12-2008

I did a YOFA jhe
for the list today with an extended session for the members of the Inner Circle. (You know who you are.)

The basic session today was about stability.

With a focus on the root, this session was particularly
important in these times. It helps you
keep your dream in focus and in tact regardless of the rumblings of mass

As a result of this session, I expect the desires of your
heart to become energized. You feel
this as a sense of inspiration and enthusiasm.

The next step is full manifestation.

Regarding your body, this gives you the power and
inclination to maintain your focus on your healing even in the face of your
symptoms. This is the key to the
manifestation of the healing you desire.

Regarding the material world around you, this session helps
you draw to you the material things that support your most full and joyful


For the Inner Circle members – the extended segment of
today’s session focused on the specific manifestation of financial
abundance. Look for a shift in the way
you anticipate your fulfillment. The
key to today’s alignment is in your ability to see your success regardless of
conditions. It is in your ability to
see through the conditions to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire that your
heart’s desire comes to you as manifestation.

With Love and Appreciation,


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