Today's YOFA jhe Session 8-04-08

xaxisabovebelowsm.jpgI did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

Today's session focused on the love in your heart.

 Today I am doing a new jhe experiment to advance your results with the jhe sessions.

This experiment does not change the jhe sessions themselves, but it changes how we communicate about them.

Instead of me talking to you about the value of cultivating the love in the heart through your inner alignment, I invite you to talk to me about it. 

Members of the jhe Sessions, will you post a comment here?

I eagerly await your energetic contribution to the jhe of love.

With Love and Appreciation,

PS – You can read all about inner alignment and the love in your heart in chapter 13 of Rooted in the Infinite.

6 thoughts on “Today's YOFA jhe Session 8-04-08

  1. The constant fight to maintain understanding and stability make all colors drain from the world and I feel like escaping, closing my eyes and returning to the simplicity of just being.
    When that simplicity permeates everything, love reigns: nothing to fight, nothing to justify, just being.
    It's as simple as a change of focus from the story in our head to what is.
    Vibrancy, joy, aliveness. What else is there?
    Thank you Rebbie for the work you do. Thanks for sharing Byron Katie.

  2. Rebbie,

    Today, I experienced a situation that normally would have evoked a negative emotional response. But today, my thoughts of love enabled me to transcend this undesireable issue at hand,offer an approach of love, creativity, resulting with inspirational love & joy! I was very pleased to know the experience of transcending fear/anxiety to joy!
    It was then I saw your jhe session for today. I sweetly smiled, & I knew…

    Many blessings always,

  3. Last night I made a conscious choice to focus on owning,loving, embracing, having compassion for those parts of me that I have pushed away, resisted, denied or judged. Love is the answer. And so it is.


  4. Resonating love through my heart chakra, on which axis? Grateful for the melting of resistance to expression… overcoming old fear-based habits by opening to the upward, outward flow of tenderness… allowing sounds of joy and trust to spill forth and embrace my being.
    Thank you for creating this opportunity to delve deeper within.

  5. Hi All, hi Rebbie,

    thanks a lot for what you are doing again and again and again!! 😉

    Getting in touch with the love in the heart, on one hand can touch one side of "reality" to live on this planet (well actually) in a kind of "outside the paradise" which as well can be a source of pain, on the other hand to be in touch with love inside the heart has something like a cocoon which protects against anything what isn't aligned in the cosmic flow.

    kind regards from germany

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