Today's YOFA jhe Session 8-31-07

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a YOFA jhe Session for the list today.

It's good to understand that these sessions are not symptom related.

The symptoms that may be present in your body, or your wallet, or your mood are simply evidence of how you have been vibrating.

They have already made their journey into manifestation and so, we can get information from them, but that is the extent of their usefulness to us.

The place where our work lies is in the fresh new creation.

And so, today's session was about bringing yourself into such magnificent alignment that the goodness of the universe rushes to you like water rushes to the sea.

The dynamic life force that is native to you, seeing an opening in your spirit by way of your alignment, comes home to you and fills your life with whatever it is you have been asking for.

Today's session focused on a balancing between the X-axis and Z-axis and a harmonizing of past, present and future.

For more on the meaning of these axes, please read "Rooted in the Infinite" ( ).

In a nutshell, the effect of this balancing brings the challenges of the past into a new perspective where you can appreciate their gifts.

This may appear as:

  • a sudden ability to forgive someone
  • or a sudden realization about why your parents did what they did
  • or an new depth in your ability to make peace with something about yourself that has always troubled you.

As this harmonizing of your Z-axis occurs with the stabilizing contribution of your X-axis, it can show up in many different specifics in your life.

Only you will know these moments.

They feel like something relaxes in you. Not just anything. Something you didn't even realize was tight. It is a delightful sensation.

Thank you for your participation in the YOFA jhe Sessions.

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