Today's YOFA jhe Sessions 4-24-2007

Xaxisabovebelow I did a YOFA jhe Session for everyone on the list today.

In today's session your energy field got nourished in a way that you may feel as a soft cushion around you, easing your way through the world.

If you have friends who can see auras, they may start volunteering information about how big and bright your aura is this week (or whenever this session is received by you.)

As always, this alignment has the effect of uplifting and harmonizing both the physical and non physical aspects of who you are.

With Love and Appreciation,


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One thought on “Today's YOFA jhe Sessions 4-24-2007

  1. Dear Rebbie…Thank You for sharing your gifts in oh so juicy ways. It is a joy to receive your blessings & lovingly be held in prayer. I do this for my family, friends & clients 24/7 & their miracles nourish fully. It is a great honor & pleasure to have the gift returned to me & be held in your heart & work. With LOVE, JR

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