Today's YOFA jhe Sessions 6-29-2007

Xaxisabovebelowsm I did a YOFA jhe Session for everyone on the list today.


That is the word for today. 

This was an X-axis focused session (read Rooted in the Infinite for a full explanation of the meaning of the X-axis and its relationship to balance and jhe. )


That is the other word for today.

You may sense the effect of today's session as:

  • a loosening of what has been tight
  • A stabilizing of what has been shaky 
  • A confidence in what is unseen 
  • I guess we call that faith

==>> As tension is released, balance becomes more natural.

==>> As balance is achieved, tension is released.

This cycle is going in the direction that supports joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe).

If you are sick, this promotes wellness.

If you are well, this promotes dancing.


If you're not on the jhe list yet, you can sign up here:

With Love and Appreciation,

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