Touching the Mirror

Icecream  Here's what we usually do. 

We hold an ice cream cone in our left hand in front of a mirror.  We see the ice cream cone and reach toward the mirror with our right hand.  We press and push on the mirror, trying to get the yummy treat.

We find we cannot extract ice cream from the mirror.

We get angry and depressed.

The Turning Point

At the moment that we realize that the thing we want does not live in the mirror, we wake up to our true power.   

We realize that what we are reaching for is in our other hand.  We are already in possession of the thing we seek.

That is the moment of transformation.

The way to access the ice cream cone is by looking within. 

Once you realize that the outer world offers only a reflection of your potential, you become empowered. Once you are empowered to find your true talent, value, and magnificence, life becomes a very satisfying journey.

The book Rooted in the Infinite outlines specific instructions for aligning yourself from within so that you can eat your ice cream cone.

You can download the introduction and first chapter here:


6 thoughts on “Touching the Mirror

  1. Dear Rebbie:

    I LOVE this ice cream cone analogy!! It's so simple yet profound. We possess infinite power with us, yet most people look outward for things they desire, without realizing that those things have been in their hands all along. Thank you for this gentle reminder.


    Beyond Horizon Coaching
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  2. I really enjoyed this analogy as well. In fact, this idea of yoga of alignment resonates a lot with me. I use it in my own therapeutic practice. There's a guy that has a practice he calls Mental Yoga that is also similar in theory.

    Anyway, your products and services are an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work.

    Sumana Massage

    Marcus Davis, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner


  3. Once you realize that the outer world offers only a reflection of your potential, you become empowered. Once you are empowered to find your true talent

    If the above statement is true does that mean what I see reflected in the outer world is only what I can hope for? If that is my potential and my outer world is crap then what's the point of striving to be better, of hoping for a better world for me?
    I struggle with this because I feel I am destined for a better life, but continue to hit barriers. Is it because my potential has been met and this is all there is for me?

  4. Hi Hope,

    As the message in your name affirms, there is always the promise of expansion. I was mentioning the ice cream cone to point to the things we want that we think live outside of us. You are describing the things you see outside yourself that you do not want. Maybe that can be the subject of another blog post. From my perspective, your potential is unlimited.

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