Turning Judgments into Salad

A YOFA Stroll through Central ParkWhat a magnificent day!

Stroll with me through Central Park as I share with you what I did on the lunch break of the workshop I was attending.   I had fun and discovered a key to  the paradox of judgments that might just change me forever.

Here is the second recording  I made for you about my experiences this past weekend. (Part 1 is here.)

[mc id="651" type="audio"]Turning Judgments into Salad[/mc]

I invite you to join me in this perspective (listen to the recording) when you find yourself judging or being judged. It lightens your load, eases your burden, and lets you move forward with your heart as your guide.

Love is the Answer,


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7 thoughts on “Turning Judgments into Salad

  1. Hmmmmm…..very thought provoking, thanks. I'm wondering about the balance (or not) between the more positive and negative judgements and if one is more accurate than the other. Perhaps this is something completely outside of what you were saying.

  2. i feel we mostly judge when we feel threatened by someone elses way of being or acting, when we just found out something that supports us in that moment but that is still very young, and someone else is practicing the opposite or something else that we feel would not work for us. We are scared, to be influanced. Off course everybody has their own lifecourse and way of developing, someone may be using something that doesn't work for us as a way to grow from, or just has accepted it and is dealing with other things at the moment. We never know someones development because there are so many ways of developing, all needed here and now. So i'd say never interfere and do not be afraid of other peoples way of being. If it does for whatever reason not feel comfortable to be together, don't be together. Just grow for yourself and make your own choices. Noone needs to follow or do the same. You do not need that in any way. If you let everybody be while you chose your own path, make your own decisions, it feels amazingly free, you can see the beauty of uniqueness in everybody, and that makes it also not threatening.
    We all grow in our own way and that is beautiful.
    On top of this your freedom sets others free and they will easily pick up on what you do because there is no resistence nor ego involved.
    xxxxxxx 🙂

  3. ps there would be no balance if we would all gow in the same way. I wanted to write that aswell, but left it out, just feel it's nice to add after all.
    <3 xxx

  4. Maybe we're sometimes judgemental about being judgemental. Or maybe the definition of judgement is unnecessarily/not accurately negative. Don't we judge whether the apple that we bite into is tasty or not? Of course what one person believes to be delicious may not be for another so maybe the judgement has to do with how we accept another person when they don't agree with how we feel taste think etc.

  5. I feel like we are on the cusp of something new here. We know that our minds judge and so we are trying, with our minds, to figure out a way to live with our judgements so that we can still feel like we are evolving beyond them. But what I think it is going to take is for us to start living from our hearts instead of our minds, and then judging will be a non-issue, because our hearts simply don't judge. I don't know how to do that, but it makes sense to me.

  6. Great insights, as always, Rebbie. Thank you. I think we are judging people and whatever else is in our environment on a constant basis and that, many times, works towards improvement. We should make a difference between good and bad judgement, or constructive and destructive judgement. I know it is not easy to do and may be very subjective. But without judgement I can't imagine going forward. Am I making sense to you?

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