Uncommon Gratitude

Istock_000000405779xsmall Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of profound thanks-giving I am offering "Uncommon Gratitude"

It is designed to help anyone who wants to access gratitude in every moment of their lives regardless of circumstances.

This lesson is free and available to all:


Please post your comments here and let me know how it works for you!

With Love and Appreciation,
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6 thoughts on “Uncommon Gratitude

  1. This is truly a magnificent key to life. It came at just the right moment when I wanted to know why my apparent lack would come within points of fulfilment but remain a lack for over 17 years. I now know it is the perfect blueprint for my positive. Thank you Rebbie

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful email. I am so honored to get to know you. You are a very special, loving and kind person. I am grateful to call you my friend. I will read your emails diligently and share good energy with you always.
    Love and Gratitude


  3. The choice to focus our own inner light into "developing" any of our "negative frames" is truly a powerful act!
    Anyone who does this will witness a wonderful transformation in their inner "developing" process!
    "Uncommon gratitude" is certainly assured in that development!

    Thank You Rebbie! This is a most awesome technology! I consider it priceless!

    I Am in eternal gratitude!

    Chef –
    A man on the land in Northern California. ;^)

  4. Article, Uncommon Gratitude
    As I sit here trying to find the right words to convey how I feel about this particular article it really leaves me speechless. I can however say that the Angels definitely feel what I feel because I have spiritual tingles that leave me breathless. I have been reading your articles and I am always moved in some way and each one seems to take me a little more deeper spiritually. You truly travel to that spiritual plane of articulation because I can find no other explanation for your exquisite writing. Thank you so much for your contribution to all of our spiritual growth. LoveL^i^ghtBlessings

  5. Dear rebbie
    Thank you for your speech, my compliments. It is a beautiful, intensif and light experience to follow your words. Focussing and concentration are easy. You answered my question, Thank you for that. At that moment I am quite overwhelmed but I enjoyed your way of handling my question.
    Till next time

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