Visualize Your Relationship and Manifest

People often ask me how visualization can work for attracting a relationship, since it involves another person.  They understand how manifestation works in general, but it seems like too big a leap to think Law of Attraction will interfere in someone else's life on their behalf.

And they are right!

Law of Attraction won't interfere in someone else's life.  It does something much better.   It orchestrates things so that you find the person you are seeking —- the one who is also seeking you.  Law of Attraction is working for you AND him or her.  So both intentions are fulfilled by your meeting.

Of course, Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration – so the clearer you get about the relationship you desire, the more accurate will be your manifestation.

One of the best tools I've found for this process is MInd Movies and they even offer Free pre-made Mind Movies that you can use instantly.  Good stuff!

When you're visualizing, either with your eyes closed, or with the help of Mind Movies, be sure to find the good feeling you want from that relationship.  Remember, Law of Attraction is not responding to your words but to your vibration.  And you can tell how you're vibrating by the way your feel.

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