We Are Erasing Pain


…and replacing it with joyful harmonious expressiveness.

Have you heard?

The new YOFA study is all about erasing pain.  Chronic pain.  Severe pain.  In order to bring the YOFA Energy Clearing sessions to peak effectiveness, I've decided to launch a study seeking a very tangible result: pain relief.  I'm talking about knee pain, low back pain, etc.  Nothing subtle or ambiguous about this!

And the best part is that this pain relief is not a masking of pain as is usually the case with pain relief products and services.  This method corrects the underlying energetic misalignments that cause the pain.  Once the magnetism that holds the  pain in place has been cleared, the problem is corrected and the pain is gone.

This unique YOFA method has achieved some very noteworthy results.  Now I am testing a new improvement in the technique to see how quickly and thoroughly we can make these corrections.

For those who have applied to participate in the YOFA Energy Clearing study for people with severe, chronic pain:

Watch for an email from me letting you know if your application has been accepted and which group you are in.

Follow the instructions in the email in order to secure your place in the study.

Group 1 – Participants receive individual remote sessions over the phone.

Group 2 – Participants receive individual remote sessions announced by email.

Group 3 – Participants receive group remote sessions announced by email.

Let's start clearing the energetic cause of your pain and see how well we can get that pain to evaporate.

Please leave a comment below.  Where do you have the most pain?

24 thoughts on “We Are Erasing Pain

  1. I have chronic pain in my head (not as much anymore), my jaw, my neck mostly right side but left bothers me at times too. My 1st rib on my right side, my lower back, and if I exercise (tai chi or anything else) both knees bother me a lot although the right side is worse.

    I would love to be free of physical pain so I am not so limited.
    Thank you

  2. Pain in left knee and numbness in right thigh. I understand my right hip keeps going out of alignment.

  3. Right shoulder is better – yet still healing clavicle fracture…
    right side upper torso pain, rib just under right breast, seems muscular.
    Last Thursday morning I hurt my left arm, while attempting to unscrew a
    jar lid .. left arm overused while healing right shoulder. Atlas issue right side. Eeegads !

  4. Hi lower back usually 8 and knees very stiff- difficulty going up and down stairs

  5. I have had Fibromyalgia since1989. I was rear ended in a car accident while stopped at a stop light and have severe chronic pain ratating up and down all over my entire body from head to toe. Its really bad in my neck and lower back and coccyx. I was also rear ended three other times. The pain has affected me emotionally and I suffer from anxiety. I am disabled and the physical pain and emotional pain has made me feel disabled and dependent on my disability benefits I receive and I am scared and I have let myself become a victim I can not seem take care of my self the way I use to. I was laid off of my job in 2011 that I held for 11 years and I have not been the same person ever since and I am scared to work. Something shifted inside me and I am not the same person I used to be. I am scared to work for fear of losing my disability benefits but I believe I can and I hate the person I have become due to my emotional and Physical pain. I lost my girlfriend who I believe the was the love of my life and I love so deeply. She left me because she wants me to get my life together and all the other people I know have askd me to pull my life together as well and I can not seem to do so due to the pain in my body and more so the emotional scars thoughts and feelings I feel in my body and think in my mind. Rebbie, I wish to be free of all the Physical pain in my body and more so the emotional scars thoughts and feelings I feel now so I can live the life I was intended to live. I need a miracle and I listened to your new YOFA study all about erasing pain. Chronic pain. Severe pain. Rebbie I need a miracle and after listening to your voice and sincere desire to help others I felt you were speaking to me directly and I feel my all of my pain may be energetic like you said. Can you please find it in your heart to help me? I feel desperate and everything else I have tried on my own has not worked up to this point. I am usually not this forward with how I feel especially with people I do not know or on a website, but something inside of me asked me to be as honest as I can have faith and trust and ask you for help Rebbie. I want to be free and live the life I was intended to live. Can you please help me Rebbie? Thank You.

  6. Left Knee – long standing pain. More difficulty going down stairs than up, but pain with either way. Right thigh about 1-1/2" to 2" below the hip joint – gives away when walking and hurts immensely when it does. Sometimes several times a day and sometimes missed for several days. Some pain in right shoulder (ruptured rotator cuff – had P.T.) & it helped.

  7. I have fibromyalgia, which was triggered by medication I took for Adult-Onset Stills Disease. This disease affects my joints, especially my knees, making it difficult and painful for me to climb up or down the stairs. I have other pains in the joints of my fingers and wrist, sometimes, slightly also at my hips. The pain in the muscles of my arms is more prominent than that of my legs, and it gets worse at night when I sleep. Thank you for organizing this opportunity to better understand, and hopefully to find and test a permanent solution to remove the pain.

  8. I now have pain on my upper back almost on my shoulder both sides for the past four days.Thank you for the great service .You are so generous.God bless you. Gopiyasod

  9. I have delt with fibromyalgia since 1998. Also.was diagnosed with COPD and sleep apnia in 2011. But last year I took a fall. Left me with two bulging discs in my upper back an neck areas, which causes me mygraine headaches 24/7. Every day I have a headache on somw level. I.have migraine medw.but nit given enough. So I suffer the rest of the time. Till i see the doctor again. Then there's a badly slipped disc in my liw back that at times causea me fits. Sometimes a certain way i step it'll feel like someone stuck a sagger in my spine. When this happens I'm done. So yes… absolutely …. id love to be pain free.

  10. Shoulders,lower back,hands, joints in fingers and toes.. Thank You for including me in this study!! Namaste

  11. Badly torn rotator cuff. Do not want a second surgery. Can you help, make the pain go away?

  12. Behcets,arthritis,diabetes……pain is everywhere,i decide my day on what hurts the less.allways run through codine script before refreshed. Mostly bed bound. You can help?

    Thanks for trying.

  13. Painful knees. I believe that pain can be diminished by focused thoughts and prayer. Thank you for this process.

  14. Pain is in the back of my scull, neck and the strongest around the spine just bellow my neck and radiating towards my shoulders and down around the entire shoulderblade area. I also have a pain in my lumbar region on the left side that catches the hip and shoots down the left leg with the most pain in the sole of my left foot especially around the arch and the toes.

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