What Are the YOFA jhe Sessions?


Listen to this 10 minute recording once  you sign up for your free YOFA jhe Sessions.

At this time you can still sign up for the YOFA jhe Sessions Birthday Celebration.  You will receive 2 YOFA jhe Sessions focused on prosperity plus you will be invited to the special prosperity workshop by phone. All this for no charge.

After you sign up, watch for my email messages telling you about the sessions once I have done them and with the dial in info for the workshop.

Click the audio controller above to find out the relationship between the YOFA jhe Sessions and yoga mediation, the Abraham-Hicks teachings on Law of Attraction, and more.  In this recording I also tell you how I found out that the YOFA jhe Sessions promote prosperity.

11 thoughts on “What Are the YOFA jhe Sessions?

  1. Hello Rebbie, I have read Ask and It Is Given. I believe that I have blocks that are holding me back. I look foward to the YOFA jhe sessions and am blessed and grateful to be a part of your birthday celebration. I believe that there is more for me to do in this lifetime.

  2. O my Gosh Rebbie, Not that I should be surprised about the power of your sessions, but I just had to share what happened today! I forgot all about the jhe session. I had just spent a long day at my nonprofit's headquarters. I was waiting in the car for my friend and fellow volunteer to say her good byes, when all of a sudden, I felt like I was floating and I wondered if I was could float up and out of my seat if I "just let go'. It was an amazingly physical sensation. Delightful! Then I came home and read your email about the floating experience we might experience – no kidding!!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Rebbie,
    Thanks so much for the "bonus" session. I was asleep at the time of this session. I woke up, got some housework done and prepared for my evening.

    I did not feel anything out of the ordinary, however, I did see bands of blue light, sometime blue, sometimes blue/green/aqua floating in front of me for several minutes. The light was about 12"-18" above the floor. This was within an hour of the time I awakened.

    Just sharing!

  4. OK, so I received your e-mails yesterday 11/29 and was unable to listen. I told myself that I would on Wednesday when I had alone time. (Now, please know I have never been involved with any of these sessions and I am new to your site as well). I just listened to the bonus session as I had planned, thank you, and thought, well maybe I can relate to what you said, but then thought I usually feel that way every day and THEN… I remembered my sleep last night. I felt such connection to source that I was actually able to witness the glow within myself, the purity, the wisdom and I was awash with joy and celebration. I just remembered that now as I was listening. Ahhhh.. it was glorious…..
    If your session was a catalyst I am very grateful, and if not I am glad to be here on the journey to reap your wisdom and to join in with a community of aligned beings.
    Thank you for being a light and sharing it!

  5. Dear Rebbie,
    I just finished reading the long version about the prosperity
    session. What a blessing this is and at the perfect time.
    As I read your powerful words, I felt a powerful tingling
    sensation in my spine and as it got stronger it spread
    to all of my limbs. wow..
    My son Joe has been participating in your autism sessions
    from the beginning and I still see changes in him, his diagnosis
    was changed from PDD to Asperger's early this year.
    he and I and his whole support team have been working hard with him
    and he was able to do an interview for a People to People Student
    Ambassador trip next summer to Europe and he GOT ACCEPTED!!!
    He has to have a Travel Aide (me!!) go with and I think I am more excited
    than he is, but you know those Autism kids dont show to much emotion.
    so we are in the process of raising the money for both of us to go and your
    lovely gift of this session has helped me feel more confident than ever that
    we will be very successful in doing that.

    Thank you so much and Blessings to you

  6. dear rebbie…
    thank you so much for including me in the session…i HAVE been feeling much lighter lately and wednesday of last week found myself being the "life of the party" at my "wild women breakfast" that we hold each wednesday a.m. at 9…people have commented on how different i seem…and it is me, i am sure, moving into the next phase of realizing and appreciating who i know my inner self (my essential self) to be… as i relate to this mighty source each day…it has been a tough year of going from the dark night of the soul to a steady and peaceful and content and calm place…and the piece that you have provided has been an important part of the overall process and result…thanks again for your gift, namaste, sophie aka three wings waving…

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