What if Your Mother Bugs You on Mothers Day? – Mothers Day and Law of Attraction

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PLEASE NOTE: The recording below is not me reading this text.  The content of the post is in the recording.  The recording is about 17 minutes long, so get a cup of tea and prepare to transform your relationship with your mother (and everyone else). Enjoy!

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This recordings offers a bit of an unusual approach to Mother's Day.  In fact, as you listen, you will quickly realize that this did  not start out as a Mothers Day topic.  But through a few spontaneous twists and turns, this topic becomes the aspect of Mother's Day that no one ever talks about.

Law of Attraction

A new reader of Rooted in the Infinite recently posted a comment on my Facebook wall that reminded me of the 3 statements that I offer about Law of Attraction right at the beginning of the book. (Thanks Rob):

  • It is eternally consistent
  • It applies to all things physical and nonphysical
  • It sits silently at the center of your world holding everything together

People have written to me about the challenges they have during family gatherings.  They particularly write to me to let me know that the YOFA jhe Sessions help harmonize their relationships so that family gatherings are more love filled.  How can you apply the principles of Inner Alignment, Law of Attraction, and Unconditional Love to your Mothers Day celebration as well as to every other relationship every other day of the year?

Transforming Mothers Day into A True Celebration of Love

Any human relationship will have conflicts, challenges, and difficult moments.  And of all the types of relationships, the mother-child relationship may just rank as one of the most complex and profoundly influential (in both directions). Mothers Day is a time to feel the awesome connection that  you have with your mother (even if you are a mother and more focused on your children).  And yet we often get caught up in silly, superficial obstacles to experiencing that love connection. Please listen to this 17 minute recording and let me know how you are able to apply this – either to your relationship with your mother – or to any other aspect of your life.

Happy Mothers Day to all.

Love is the Answer,

7 thoughts on “What if Your Mother Bugs You on Mothers Day? – Mothers Day and Law of Attraction

  1. Thank you so much for this gift, to me was a blessing, a healing, a gift of love to me and my mom.

    I really appreciate that you took you time to send this beautiful message.

    Lost and love and gratitude,

    Cristina T.

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  3. Thanks for the new meaning of turning your cheek to the other side. I have always wondered about that and knew the traditional explanation was missing something. This gives such calm strength to to turning your cheek. There is no victim or martyr. Just a change in energetic direction- Takes all the emotional energy out of it. An awesome ability – may be too calm and not exciting for some, but for me I'm going to hold it and love this new turning of my cheek.

    Grace Mauzy

  4. She is your Mother, she is your Mother, she is your Mother…
    The world seems obsessed with that.
    I have had women in my life who have been so much more a mother to me than my biological mother.
    She is your mother doesn't mean diddly squat to me.
    Nevertheless, I love her because I choose to focus on her many positive aspects and because I dished all blame and resentment towards her.
    And then I made a concious choice that I want a friend like the being that she is in my life.
    NOT because she is my mother.

  5. I’m realizing there are a number of ways I’ve applied your definition of “turn the other cheek.” That we are built at a cellular level for it to work is so amazing.

    To a certain extent, I was able to do this when I was married. It was a blessing to be able to transcend whatever nastiness had my partner in its grip and just give him a hug. He always accepted it and in the moment was transformed.

    My radar was not very sensitive back then. He had to be so far into left field that it was almost comical for me to see him behaving the way he was, but “turning the other cheek” always worked. The blessing was his acceptance of the change in direction (change in energy) and that it was so immediate. He’d always start smiling and we were back on track again. I remember it so clearly.

    It works great with my grandchildren too; the two oldest are four. With them, it looks like redirection too. I respect their distress; I just don’t buy into the way they are expressing it. I find if I mimic their behavior, they find it funny and stop whatever the expression is.

    My understanding of how this relates to “turning the other cheek” is this. I see the behavior that’s unwanted and “turn the other cheek;” show them another aspect of their behavior. Grandma on the floor with pounding fists and feet is really something to laugh at. Then I can usually give them two choices that relate to whatever it is they were distressed about. They make a choice and are in control again. Now, that’s a blessing!

    As usual you’ve brought some wonderful insight into something that I’ve been doing instinctively.

    Thank you so much for your Light and Love

  6. Thank you! I am having the most vital beautiful relationship with someone totally different to me.. interesting.. <3 xxx

  7. Mothers day, the day that my mother died.
    Yep, thats right, she died on Mothers day when I was a kid.

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