"Who am I?" Meditation

Who am I?

It's springtime and NYC is in bloom!

I recorded this while strolling through Central Park after a weekend workshop with Rev. Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith of Agape.

On this recording I share one of the insights I had during the workshop.

This is part 1 about my experience with the "Who am I?" Meditation.

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Have you had any funny meditation experiences?

Is there a word that sums up your experience of meditation?

Please post your word or a longer comment about meditation below.

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7 thoughts on “"Who am I?" Meditation

  1. I find your sharing this insight such a delicious, fun way to help us understand how we arract ourselves to "things" as our identity. Just like what you say, we in our wildest dreams or most profound insights can't imagine who/what/how we REALLY are at our magnificent core. Thanks for the reminder … to open bigger, wider, and on and on …

  2. I enjoyed this Rebbie. That iPhone makes a good recording and it was lovely to hear birds tweeting in Central Park. I think it's very useful for you to share with us how you make sense of what you feel and see in meditation. I'm interested to see how this develops for you: I think anything that shows meditation to be a natural and unbounded practice (i.e. there is no 'right' outcome) is enormously helpful.

    With love


  3. I love your meditation IPhone story. Thanks for sharing that. As you say, it's easy to say, no that's not me when something like IPhone pops up but less easy to shed the other labels that we carry around. It makes me think about language, labels and limitations.

  4. I can truly understand the IPhone identity. I feel as though my BBerry & my laptop are additional limbs.
    I have never done a "Who Am I" meditation. It seems I am either seeking true silence and inner awareness, or visualizing, affirming, attempting to "feel" my way to the manifestation of a particular agenda.
    However, upon listening to your recording, the question, " Who Am I" immediately entered my head, and quickly without any thought was answered. I would love to say the answer I recieved was as profound as ,"I Am" or something to that affect, but what I got was, "I am my program" which translated as I am a perpetual student of growth. Now that sounds good to the untrained ear, but to me, it means I am always chasing the next program or quick fix. The next set of "Steps to spiritual growth" or "True path to self" has become who I am. I would like to say that it is as conmforting as "I am the journey" but it didn't hit me in a positive light. It came with the feeling of frustration of always seeking and never finding.
    Time for me to stop looking for the forest, and start enjoyng the beautiful trees. No more seminars, no more websites, no more books! I have become a spiritual quest junkie!
    Silva, Proctor, Vitale, have taken $thousands$, Dyer Chopra, Hicks, have kept me in awe. The old time guys, Wattles,Hill, Haanel, Mumford, Neville, Allen, have shown me the truth, David Hamilton, Gregg Braden, have modernized it, Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsch, Gay Hendricks made it sound simple, Gary Renard, & Eckhart Tolle complicated it. I've studied for 30 years, I've written articles, and poetry, conducted workshops & book studies, and still have not experienced peace, or the manifestation of my dreams. I may not even know what I am looking for anymore.
    This epiphany occured when I heard you say" Who Am I" I don't think i have ever done that.

  5. Hi Rebbie,
    Profound sharing. I agree, when you really think about it , as we are all energy and connected. you are your iPhone! Thanks!

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  7. AHAAAA!!!! definitely! hahahahaaaa realy funny spirit and coworkers you have there.. smart fun.. thank yououououou for sharing.. <3 loovvvvveeee Karin.

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