YOFA Holiday Gift for you December 22, 2006

Gift04clipart80 I have a gift for you.

It's an unusual one. 

It is a gift that you pass along, backward in time.

Let me explain.

  • You wouldn't buy a scarf and gloves for your great great great great great great grandmother for Christmas.  Would you?  Of course not.
  • Your great great great great great great grandfather does not need a sweater for Chanukah.  Does he?  Of course he doesn't.

The quickest way to tune into the true spiritual tone of this holiday season is to offer a gift to those who have no physical needs.

I am talking about your ancestors.

They may no longer walk this earth in physical form, but they live on in you and in me in ways that subtly make us who we are.
And what your ancestors could really use this holiday season is
honor and love.

So let's give it to them.


On December 22, I will be leading a YOFA Workshop by Phone for the purpose of honoring your ancestors:

  • as your gift to them
  • and to your family line
  • and to your children and their children.

Here are the Details:

YOFA Workshop by Phone:

Honor Your Ancestors

Heal Your HeartGlobe_1

Friday, December 22, 2006

8:30 PM Eastern Time

No Charge

Register here:


The phone line is limited to 249 participants.

If your heart lit up at the thought of doing this, please sign up now.

With Love and Appreciation,


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4 thoughts on “YOFA Holiday Gift for you December 22, 2006

  1. (((((( Rebbie ))))))

    I am so delighted that you are offering the "Honor Your Ancestors – Heal Your Heart" workshop this month. Thank You!

    This year has been challenging with the passing of my father. I say a prayer of thanks to you for this gift. I believe it is an answer to my prayer to heal from this loss and to connect with all those who came before me. You are such a blessing.

    While listening to your recorded message about the workshop I realized that I have not heard your voice before. I wanted to let you know that the sound of your voice resonates with the "…purity of intent…" that you mentioned.

    I am delightfully awaiting the workshop.
    IN JOY,

  2. This sounds very exciting and I would love to participate, but I do have a prior commitment. If you could manage to spare a thought for those of us who would like to "touch" in on the energies during your session, that would be wonderful. Blessings, Kathy

  3. This is truly in tune. I just put down a tract on my ancient Celtic ancestry, [wherin the laws of Manu are compared with the great law of Gaelic Ireland]. The law of the Celts allowed a plaintiff to fast until the magis saw his truth or he died. So did the Vedic law. Odd similarities abound. The metre of the spoken poem which sang the law was exactly the same from both cultures. Thank the fierce love of spirit and freedom of my ancestors for keepin the Romans at bay and thus preserving the culture.
    MySanscrit name is Manu. I love the vedic culture, and I am studying Druidry.
    I don't have a land phone, but I would love to see or hear the ancestor ceremony.
    In Truth-John Hughes
    [the gh stands for god himself, and is found in many words of celtic derivation: it's like Intel Inside]

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