YOFA jhe Sessions email: Life is getting better and better

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I love all the email I receive from the members of the YOFA jhe Sessions.  I love hearing the concrete details of how these abstract, hard-to-describe, invisible, remote inner alignment sessions are are working in your life. 

It's like planting a seed.  An apple seed looks nothing like an apple.  A watermelon seed tastes nothing like a watermelon.  And yet, the full, colorful, delicious fruit lives somehow in that seed.

The jhe sessions are like seeds and they come into individual fruition for everyone on the list in very personal ways.

Here is a fun little sequence of emails I recieved from one of the members of the jhe Sessions that illustrates this:

June 3

Hi Rebbie,

I am having a busy but very good day.  I actually think I look different.  I have not been told I look great in a while but I was today – and with no makeup!  My allergies seem to have calmed down. And I weigh a pound less…
My buyer who was dragging his feet finally made a counter offer. Yeah!

June 4

If the "wave of alignment" gets better I just might soon have heaven on earth!  Two contracts are almost ratified – and without tons of energy.  I'm believing life is now getting better and better. 

June 24

My general impression is that "this stuff definitely works!" I won't say I really understand any of it, but, who cares?  I know my life seems to be going MUCH better.  Most things seem easier and my responses are more balanced when I am under pressure. (I sell real estate so it can be stressful at times.) I feel more serene and organized – lighter. 

July 2

Since I signed up for the jhe sessions, I feel like my life is becoming better every day.  Thank you for doing these sessions from the bottom of my heart.

July 22 (after writing to me about having a difficult day)

Thank you, Rebbie – I had a major shift in my energy between 5 – 6pm so it definitely helped.  I did not know until just now that you had done the session.  Thank you – you are such a blessing….

 People often wonder how the YOFA jhe Sessions can possibly translate into money, financial abundance, and a manifestation of material prosperity.

In this examnple, you can see that it is always through a mingling of joy, lightness, ease, and a releasing of resistance that true prosperity comes.  You can also see that it travels through the pathways that are already in motion in your life. Here it is through real estate. Who knows how the manifestation of joy, healing, love, and prosperity will emerge in your life?  Sign up here. Check the bonuses worth $94 here.

With Love and Appreciation,
(Thank you Janet for permission to print these letters.)

2 thoughts on “YOFA jhe Sessions email: Life is getting better and better

  1. Here is my testimonial for Rebbie's jhe sessions. Warning it's rather long. But if you are considering Rebbie's jhe sessions then you might like to know about how they work.

    Over the past month that I have been my home in Westport, CT I have had some truly
    fantastic stuff happening.

    law of attraction at its best opened by the jhe sessions.

    I had planned to get my finished but used as a storage space basement cleared out this summer. And I had for 15 years wanted to have my kitchen floor
    changed- and the cupboards were really getting shabby looking even by my standards.

    And I needed a new roof- it didn't leak yet, but was on its way to .

    How could I justify any of these expenses
    with the really and truly valuable expenses of my children?

    But I knew I could not get the basement cleared out with my infirm back.
    And there was no money left to hire people to do any of this work.

    And the thought of any changes in the kitchen was going to have to stay that way.
    Just a thought

    Oh No I said-since I have been having jhe sessions done for me so I knew things were going back
    to a time and place where my thoughts became reality.

    I put these thoughts to law of attraction.

    Here's how it worked:

    12 squirrels moved into my house. And they were using theold roof to get in easily- And at the same time
    I have a new client who is paying me enough to cover the
    new roof. I have never had a client like this before!
    And I did not ask to have this client. I was asked to take on this client. And since then there have been a few others who would like to be my clients.

    -Oh and I really love what I am doing with this client!
    so even though it is serious work, it is engaging. (I am being a home school coordinator for talented teens)

    Then at the same time the fridge water line sprung a leak.

    What a mess. It leaked for days- while I was in NH actually.

    My husband found the situation, called a repairman to stop the leak and used a wet vac to try and get the water situation under control.

    I called insurance.
    For weeks we have had to have all the junk removed from downstairs.
    All the stuff I did not want, and some stuff I did want- but not much of that.

    And I did not have to lift a thing!!!!!! Just make the decisions- but with everything all soggy and dilapidated looking it was pretty easy.

    And insurance is going to cover a new kitchen floor and partial cabinets; den floor, wall, and full painting of the room; the whole kit and caboodle of the finished basement- floors, walls, ceiling, closets!

    So there you go with law of attraction and jhe sessions.

    You see I have had these thoughts but I have also had some underneath subconscious thoughts/ energy/ vibes that negated my optimistic, positive energy forces. I knew these forces were there but I had no idea of how to change them or even get in touch with them. And that's why the jhe sessions are so powerful.

    They get to the places that you just can't reach. Your energy is opened so it flows with ease.

    Thanks Rebbie!


    PS Rebbie does not know I am putting this up, but I wanted to share how wonderful Rebbie's jhe sessions are.

  2. I'm in deepest gratitude for this jhe session. You are so right about what I have been feeling, that Life is getting better and better.

    With this last session my energy processes went much deeper and more powerful then normal; every day after that my health improved in ways that I never felt before. I received great insights into a lot areas of my being. I have not felt this deep feeling of freedom and wellbeing ever.

    How do you put into words the appreciation for your work and the beautiful gift of these sessions. You are a jewel that brightens all our lives. Thank you so much! Bessings, Joy

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