YOFA jhe Sessions: Spirutal Healing, Law of Attraction, and Time and Space


The only complaint I hear about the YOFA jhe Sessions is "I don't know how to talk about them…"

How do you talk about something that is invisible in a world that lives by the motto "seeing is believing"?

The YOFA jhe Sessions are remote inner alignment sessions. 
Well, that's how I describe them. 

But what in the world does that mean? How can they be invisible and be effective?

It means that we are coming from the understanding that there is one mind.  We are trusting the all pervasive Divine Design and the power of Law of Attraction to keep it in the perfect swirl. And we have an intuitive experience of the mystical here-now that sits silently, dynamically, infinitely, within all points of space and time.  

So the distance between us at the time of the session is a non-issue. Even the time of the actual session is irrelevant.

The jhe sessions assist you in performing your only job: Keeping yourself in alignment with your essence so that all the good that has been generated by your life experience can come to you. And it can come generously and lovingly and in ways that let you recognize the benevolence of the Universe and the Love that is your nature.

Hmmm. Is that too vague?

I guess I don't know how to talk about the jhe sessions either. I promise I'll keep working on it.  Because the people who are being helped by the jhe sessions keep proving to me that it's worth the exploration to keep figuring out how to talk about this invisible thing I call the YOFA jhe Sessions.

Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com) often says, "Don't answer a question that hasn't been asked."  And so I usually remain pretty quiet on the subject of the jhe sessions.  But today I received an email that was bursting with questions.  That was the inspiration for this post.

Here are my answers:

Dear Rebbie,

i'm considering joinig your [YOFA jhe Sessions] active membership and have some questions bevore signing up:

What do i have to do?

Nothing.  If you want to, you can do the exercises in Rooted in the Infinite to augment the sessions but that is not necessary.

What about the intention?

Your intentions and desires are born in you on an ongoing basis.  The jhe sessions help you get in alignment so that they can come to you more swiftly, more effortlessly, and in a form that is more satisfying when it arrives. 

Unlike goal setting or visualizing, the jhe sessions are passive and they help you (if you'll excuse the expression) get out of your own way so that the things you have been asking for can find their way to you (that part is the work fo Law of Attraction.)

Do i have to hold my intention, or do i have to write my intentions down or does the process know what to do?

You do not have to do any of that.  You can if it brings you greater clarity and joy to do so.  But it is not part of the jhe sessions process.

Are there special times for the sessions?

No.  You will receive an email from me after each session with a description of the focus of that session and what you might expect as a specific results of the session. 

But really, these sessions are cumulative and the results of an individual session are sort of like candy while the ongoing long term effect is where the real nutrition is.  Some people have been on the list since the very beginning.  It is an ongoing process like brushing your teeth or meditation or physical exercise.  You can consider it part of your spiritual hygiene.

Do i have to do anything during the session or do i only have to enjoy? :o)

Just enjoy. 😎 

If you want more training, you can join the Inner Circle.  That membership includes the Active membership in the jhe sessions plus monthly recorded lessons, plus membership in the YOFA "Law of Attraction Gets Results" monthly online workshop, plus more bonuses than I can list here. 

The Active Membership is for people who don't want one more thing to do.  There is nothing to do in the Active Membership but sign up.

The Inner Circle Membership is for people who are hungry for more and want to get their hands in the clay.

Does my membership start from the 1st day of the month or from the day i sign up?

Your membership starts on the day you sign up.


5 thoughts on “YOFA jhe Sessions: Spirutal Healing, Law of Attraction, and Time and Space

  1. I have to say that, I think the reason why some people may be having such a hard time with understanding the jhe sessions is that most of us are used to doing something, in order to expect someting in return (like going to work in order to receive an income). And, it may also be more helpful if subscribers could expect to know (even roughly) when a jhe session is going to be taking place before it actually happens… even given a date, but not a specific time.

    This way, those who have signed up for the sessions could allot a time during that day to sit in silence/meditation, take note of how they may be feeling on that day, or to choose a focus for that day.

    Often times, life throws so many things at us, that on the particular day when a session is to be done for someone/group of people, the people involved may be too caught up in other activities, and, they may not feel that anything has been done… or that they are actually involved.

    I think we have come to a time when anyone who is interested in the metaphysical, wants to feel involved in his/her own spiritual path, and wants to do more than just sit on the sidelines… they want to be "in the game."

    So, I hope this gives some clarification or ideas as to what others may be expecting from this practice.

  2. Hi Rebbie,
    I think you did a good job answering her questions. I generally just say that the sessions are energy alignment and help me in any area that I am currently focusing upon. People seem to understand energy alignment better than anything else I can think of to explain – especially those who are not listening to Abraham.
    "See" you on Monday night.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for spreading the word. I like "energy alignment" too. "See" you Monday at the Results Workshop.

    With Love,

  4. Hi Rebbie,
    It's my understanding that the part of us that does the creating is our subconscious mind, and what is stored there is unique to each of us, tho we share a mass consciousness creation.
    I am easily able to grasp and embrace the Abraham teachings with my conscious mind, but there seems to be a stubborn inside sabatuer that brings me down to poverty level finances every time I start to make any headway.
    I am basically a happy, optimistic person, I know how to live very well on little, and for the most part, I do not worry, but lately, I've been having trouble meeting even my basic bills and any attempts to create or find new sources of income are met with no movement at all.Does the 'outside' environment, which suposedly, I am projecting from my own inside beliefs respond to your sessions ?
    Thank you for your well intended work.

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