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greatresultsI want to extend a heart-felt thank you for all the wonderful feedback I get about the YOFA jhe Sessions.  I love hearing your results.

But here's the thing…

Your emails fill my inbox and I'm the only one who gets to see them!

So I have created this new page so that you can share with all of us how the YOFA jhe Sessions are working for you.

Thank you for your participation.  I am honored to be the conduit through which the jhe Sessions flow to  you.

20 thoughts on “YOFA jhe Sessions – Feedback

  1. how did you do it?

    I am feeling great right now! but my only problem with this is that i didn't do it:/ Which means that i need an outside source to make me feel great. Or am i missing the point? Could you direct me to a better understanding of these sessions? I know that i have gotten these feeling without help before but……I don't know….help?

  2. Thank you for conducting the free YOFA jhe session, Rebbie, for the love that you are, the love that you share and the love that you help expand in the hearts of others. You are a gift to the world!

  3. @greg: I love your question, Greg! It highlights a very important point. Watch for a full blog post on this subject soon. Thank you for your insight and your participation.

  4. I AM very grateful Rebbie for including me in the jhe sessions. I notice that with the "heat" turned up in my life, I may not feel it that day, usually there is some shift though, an emotional shift, the day after, I feel more peaceful, more centered. You remind me to do this practice, as when I do, time is actually stretched in my life – and who doesn't need more TIME today! Wow. I do other practices as well, but I will come back to this one more frequently now, as I did before. How can a flower see its itself growing to the ultimate bloom and fragrance when so much is happening to its growth, the rain, the wind, the cold, and heat – I feel like the flower, and learning to trust more in my processes to enjoy and not be so serious, forgiving my memories of mindplays but root as in the jhe and and appreciating the process, breathing, feeling the heartbeat of life. Thank You Again, Love, Laara

  5. Okay, Rebbie. Can't wait.

    I will tell you though, that same day you did that session I was at a coffee shop and i started to feel exactly what you described in the email. the email you sent out the day you did the session. But i had no idea you did one. I just felt whole and full of joy. Then I came home and checked my email and saw your email about the session you just did. read it and was like "wow, and that is how i feel right now!" Fantastic, thank you.


  6. @greg: Glad you mentioned that, Greg and I'm happy that you had that experience. People tell me this often (the email comes *after* the result of the session is noticed) and I'm always happy to hear it. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Love is the Answer,

  7. Now that I have read your email toady about yesterdays realignment I now know why I was dancing this morning after I woke up. AWESOME. Like so many other times I once again felt this wonderful shift!!! I LOVE YOFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @Scott: Hi Scott,
    I'm so glad that you received the session with such clarity.

    For others who might be reading this, here is an excerpt from the email I sent about that session:

    "As a result of this session you may find
    yourself dancing. Dancing while you're
    cleaning the house or going down the street
    or in your seat as you surf the Internet.

    "This dancing that I expect to start moving in
    your body is more than a toe-tapping
    enjoyment of an old tune. It is evidence of
    a major reorganization of the way the energy
    of your personal past live inside of you."

    I love when the email comes after the results!

    Thank you for your participation Scott!

    With Love, Rebbie

  9. Its really amazing-yesterday there were numerous times when someone came up to me and told me how I was such a calm presence, uplifting, and wonderful. It was really great I have to say!
    And I have been grappling with the issue of being a servant to my children and others and being of service to them. And with your description of being of service it is clear the difference. How I be rather than what I do really makes the difference. It doesn't matter nearly as much what I do as how I do it.

    And I do love being OF service to others, its keeping track of being of service rather than being the servant.

  10. @Grace Mauzy: Hi Grace,

    I'm so happy that that clicked for you!

    For others who might be reading this, here is an excerpt from the email I sent about that session:
    "As a result of this session I expect you to
    receive many acknowledgments from others.

    "They may tell you how helpful you are or how
    your presence makes them feel so good.

    "That is the best way for me to describe what
    you may notice as a result of this session.

    "But of course that is just feedback.

    "Here is what is really going on.

    "Today's alignment brings you into harmony
    with the desire to be an uplifter. The
    desire to be of service is hard-wired into
    you. Are you aware of that?

    "But we usually look at service from an
    ego perspective which makes it feel like a
    "should" and a chore.

    "When you are in alignment with your essence,
    being of service becomes a matter of how you
    "be" rather than what you do.

    I love hearing how the specifics of these sessions work themselves out in your unique journey. It fills in the picture for me.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    With Love,

  11. I definitely feel the shifts that you mention, and I am so grateful..thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  12. Thank you Rebbie. I don't say this often enough though I enjoy the benefits of your weekly sessions.I don't know what good things come from you or other sources, as I do several thing to enhance my sense of ballance and harmomy and it all adds up to a very mellow, fearless life where my sense of identity comes more from the energy flowing thru me than from a static personality, and yet I have a stable ego base in the world. Life is so much simpler these days. Again, thank you.

  13. Thank you so much for your healing. Much appreciated.
    Love & Light Margaret

  14. Rebbie,

    I thank you beyond words! What a gift you have…..Every session you have given me (I signed up for the once a month free sessions) has affected me in such a wonderful, wonderful way. I got your book and tried to do this myself, believing I could do this by myself, but, I am raising my grandchildren (6 & 7 yrs old) and it seemed that their consent needs are keeping me from getting alone to do the practices. Because of the positive results of the free sessions you have given me, I am releasing the belief that one has to go alone on these things and that we all really need the love and help from other beautiful souls like you in our personal/spiritual life. I am so sure of your ability to create this alignment of healing for me that I as soon as I can I will be signing up for your regular sessions.

    thank you!
    Mickie Anne

    p.s. I also noticed the people around me, on the day you did my session, where acting "more aligned too"!!!
    Wow! what a wave of affect this has…….

  15. Thank you for all the wonderful energy. The most dramatic improvement I have experienced from your sessions is the change of my allergic reactions to cats. When I first signed up, I was highly allergic and within a few weeks I stopped reacting. It has been several years since that time and I am still doing well. Thank you!

  16. Dear Rebbie,

    Just want to say thank you. I know you are busy but I just feel like that I have to send you an email after your one week of effort working on me and my daughter.

    I felt very very depressed for some reason just right after I purchase the membership. I don?t know what's going on just felt so uncomfortable physically and emotionally.
    Not sure what you did after that, I completely turned over 180 degree. Everything that I felt in the past 2 to 3 days were completely disappear. I felt grounded, present and centered and it seems that all the physical uneasiness were gone for ever. I started to lose weight which amazed me so much because I tried so hard in the past one year and didn't see any improvement.

    Another thing I want to tell you is that I saw a big change on my daughter. She is really appreciated that I gave her this opportunity to join your membership and she felt the difference. She told me last night "Mom, I don't know what happened I just fell very happy now". I am so happy also to hear that. Thank you so much! My daughter told me she always read your email and she gets the message what you are trying to convey.

    Thank you so much for all your amazing work Rebbie.

  17. Hi Rebbie,

    I just have to let you know that this morning as I had my coffee I was thinking about the jhe sessions and how they are impacting me – my patience with small used-to-be-nerve-wracking situations, and my increased feeling of well-being and calm. The most interesting thing is that I said to myself, "I feel light." And when I read this summary of yesterday's session where you said "you may feel light both in body and spirit," I realized my awareness this morning was in harmony with the jhe session.

    Thank you for being a conduit of wellness.

    While I'm at it, I want to share an experience with you resulting from the "Healing with Your Hands" conference call I participated in a while back. For several months prior to the call, my left thumb had become increasingly stiff and painful if I moved it. There was a small node on the inside of the bottom joint of the thumb that was painful to touch and had "grown" in size. Since co-workers said it might be a cyst that coud be removed, I went to the doctor, who took x-rays, which indicated arthritis in the joint.

    At the time of the conference call, my thumb was so stiff I could not bend it to touch the pad below my little finger. During that call, when you gave us time to try out the healing energy, I focused the center my right hand on the node on my left thumb, cradling my hand around the thumb. Immediately after the call concluded, I could sense an increase limberness in the thumb's movement. And that has continued to this day. I have complete range of movement in the thumb – and the node is gradually shrinking. For a while, the node was still tender to the touch, but today I can push on it – and there is no pain. I expect that by the time I have my next physical in June, the node will be gone – and I look forward to sharing this experience with my doctor!


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