YOFA Podcast?


a bit overwhelmed.

usually think of myself as pretty computer-tech savvy (being an Aquarian and
all!) but, I’ve got to tell you that I’m scratching my head a lot these days.

learning how to podcast some of my material. (I'm actually taking an excellent
podcasting course.  If you want to know more about it, send me an email
and I'll tell you about it.)

like a good avenue for me right?

like it should be pretty simple, right?

tell me it makes life very convenient for you guys.

get the recordings you buy (or free ones) automatically, effortlessly and all

I’m all for making your life easier.

I’ve got to tell you, I still don’t really understand most of this process.

yet at least. . .

I am inspired to get this thing going.

I started creating a new series of recordings just for this purpose. (who knows
when you’ll ever get to hear them because I want them to be delivered by

something surprising happened.

discovered something that I didn’t even know was there.

finding money in an old coat pocket, I found tremendous value hidden somewhere
I hadn’t expected it. (It’s still very new so I’m not ready to talk about it

I’m very excited about it and I can hardly wait to share this with you. (I like
things to be a little more clear for me before I start talking about them. But I
will tell you more soon.)

to the podcasting issue – at this moment, I still have trouble even navigating
my iPod (very embarrassing!)

for all you iPod/podcast-lovers out there, can you give me some
advice/instruction or simply encouragement?

post a comment here.

do you love about accessing podcasts?

what kind of podcasts do you subscribe to?

will read all your posts at the edge of my seat.

help is much appreciated as I venture into this new branch of technology.

tell you more as soon as I get a handle on this thing!

Love and Appreciation,






the f ree eCourse "7 Secrets for Manifesting

Heart's Desire" – You'll get the first lesson

instantly: http://yofa.net/7secret.html


PS – Have you signed up yet?  I'm this
week's expert interview at Gem Parenting, You can
listen in.

18 thoughts on “YOFA Podcast?

  1. Please share. While I thought I was techie geekie, IPODs still are new to me. I appreciate all the help I get. Thank you. In Joy!

  2. As another Aquar – I, too think I "know" what the heck I'm doing – yeah right! Good luck – let me know when you figure it all out.


    Bright Blessings,


  3. I love the portability of podcasts. I can take them anywhere on my iPod. I subscribe to podcasts on meditation, wealth building, self-development, etc. You will get the hang of the "pod" thing it will just take some time and practice.

  4. I have no idea I don't have an IPod …I hope you have some youngsters out there….at the moment I can't get my printer to work…good luck.

  5. Rebbie,

    I like you an an aquarian, however; when I began my online presence, I could not think of doing it without a podcast. I wanted to bring a touch of warmth and personal energy to the site. You are a brilliant human being, and if anyone should be podcasting it should be you. I've read your book, set in on some of your classes and subscribed to YOFA for a time. Clearly, you have a message that needs to get out to the masses, consistently and by voice. My advice just jump in and do it. Don't overthink it because that's what makes it seem difficult. Once you know how to upload the MP# to where you'd like it to go, you good. And be sure to get a good microphone system that won't have static, that's important. Also, Rode has a great microphone and they have software you may download for free. It's a no brainer. If I can do it anyone can, and I love it, it's great fun. Here's to your podcasting success. Blessings, Johnnie

  6. I'm here to offer you encouragement. I don't know about those things either. I don't even text! I'm trying to get my website up and running and every step scares the daylights out of me. I do listen to podcasts(webcasts). Most are spiritual but some are about building internet businesses.

    So I'm going to hold a vision for you that it's easy and fun and one step at a time!


  7. Hi,
    I subscribe to Hayhouse radio podcasts. I like them because I can listen in my own convienient time and from my i-pod. One I subscribe to is a Cource In Miracles one. Hope this helps..check out the Hay House Radio site if you haven't already… Good luck Rebbie x

  8. I especially like Speaking of Faith. I'm ike a child watching the same program over and over–I never seem to get enough of the same conversation, as if I'm searing it into my brain, as if I'm setting it up as an available structure for subsequent experience. I like being able to hear it whenever I'm ready to hear it. I believe YOFA podcasts will have a similar functioning power. Then when one moves through subsequent events one consults them again. Change comes–sometimes quickly sometimes slowly–but having points of reference always available that are not primarily informational, rather transformational, means that change comes. It's in the breathing. And mindful breathing is contagious.

  9. Hi Rebbie,
    I think of myself as a bit of a "techie" too but am still not too sure about ipods or pod casting – I see others do it but don't own an ipod to try it. I will be interested in your learning curve. LOL

  10. Hi Rebbie,

    I have always liked your unique material approach. I have an iPod and am very much looking forward to your Podcasts! It's great it's like radio that you can access at any time. I wish you success and ease in branching out into this technology.


  11. Hi – I'm also a bit of a novice at this stuff but what's important for me is having something I can listen to on dial-up rather than needing broadband. there are a lot of things I can't listen to on the internet because my connection is too slow and because of the format they're in. I love that I can listen to worldpuja and crimsoncircle direct without having to do lots of tedious and time-consuming downloading – so whatever it is they are doing works for me! I don't know about podcasts – I never seem to be able to access them (not that I've tried much – gave up!) Any hints greatly appreciated but I would love it if you would consider those of us who don't have a fast broadband connection. Thanx for asking!! xx

  12. Hello, I've been using podcasts for about 4 yrs now. I prefer NON-iPod mp3 players because I can load just about everything I find that I want to listen to or watch, and I take them everywhere with me.

    When you create your podcasts, be careful to leave out any music unless royalties are going to tbe paid. Additionally, if you choose to include advertising (which is one of the highly annoying features of the Hayhouse Radio podcasts) make sure that you charge the advertisers accordingly since their ads are played repeatedly when users listen to the podcasts. Hayhouse creates blocks of advertising in the middle of the podcast, but personally I think if it is going to be done, it should be at the beginnning or end of the podcast. Interspersing any ads in during the podcast would probably cause your message to be lost, since they are a distraction.

    Other than that, I think that podcasting has become my favorite thing. I have noticed a perceptible change in my attitude & it has made waiting in lines, driving to work, and just about every other task, so much more enjoyable. Who knew that walking around the grocery store or mowing the lawn could actually be a classroom?

    Yours in headphones! Laurie

  13. Hi Rebbie,

    I'm a visual learner so I prefer to get scripts of the podcast rather than the podcast themselves. It's easy for me to have scripts with me so I can read while I'm waiting or any number of things. I also like to take notes and record "ah ha" moments so having a script is an easy way for me to organize my thoughts.

    I subscribe to the Summer Bacon Institute and, must admit, I can go for weeks without listening to any of the messages — and I love them. I just don't make the time.

    There is so much "good" information out there is so many different formats that I'm having to become much more selective about where I invest my energy. If I'm not, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

    To your success and happiness,

  14. Well having just read this I can only gasp in admiration. As a 60 yr old Saggi. Have mastered the basics but when it comes to podcasts and the like forget it. Keep begging my daughter to show me. Alas we never seem to find the time. don't even know how to download your free stuff let alone anyhing else.
    Oh well just have to be grateful for the things that I am superlative at. he he.

  15. I like using the podcasts mostly because I have dial up internet and to listen to a podcast live is nearly impossible as it keeps rebuffering…so I can download before I go to bed at night and there it is in the morning to download to my Ipod…I am still learning to navigate the ipod but even with just a few functions it is good…I look forward to seeing what is cookin with Rebbie..hehe
    in love and light,

  16. There's a great article "Create Your Own Podcast" on MSN Tech and Gadgets today by Byron Ricks, Microsoft.com. I thought it was interesting, and then thought of your query. It's quick and simple with great instructions. Send me an e-mail if you can't find it, & I'll either forward or "Cut and Paste" to an e-mail. Good luck!

  17. I'm an American living in Norway. I'm not even close to your time zone. Podcasts are a fantastic way for me to hear things in my own language in my own time frame. I can listen to 15 minutes of a session and catch the rest in two or more bites. It's impossible to make call-ins. If something has lots of "into" conversation in the file, I simply cut it out using Audacity, load it on my iPod and I can listen to the good stuff over and over until my brain remembers it.

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